Ask Yourself One Question...

April 4, 2011

Hey, you wanna try something new? Ya? Feeling adventurous? Well I'm always up for it... so let's do this.

You write this post.

What's that? Oh, ok. I guess it would be hard for you to do if you don't know the password and stuff. So I'll just go ahead and write this one.. but maybe it'll be your turn next time, mkay?

I do like adventures, and I also like posting for you here (oh yes, my tens of readers.. I do like writing for you). So today let's talk a little bit about adventures and, as usual, let's talk a little bit about you and me. (it's what I do best)

I had the opportunity to make a road trip quite recently to destinations North. I went with a couple of friends (Rowdy included) to Prescott. Via Jerome (you know how I like to travel).

The details of the trip are a different story for perhaps a different time (yes, that's a teaser)... What I'd like to talk about today are the photos of the adventure. I got some awesome shots of Jerome, and of Rowdy playing in the snow and chillin' by the fountain (and should have taken way more pictures of the adventures themselves, but you know how it is when you're on the roller coaster.. too excited to remember to put your hands in the air sometimes..)

NEhooo... I found myself prepping the pictures for sharing on the interwebs and using a fantastic little program called Picasa (cuz my photo editing skillz are nowhere near advanced enough for photoshop & whatnot).. and as I was prepping said photos in said program, I realized that there were a couple of very handy little utilities in the program that I found myself using over and over again. and again. And sometimes again. (is that redundant or just repetitive?)

When you edit... well, let's not call it edit. When you touch up a photo in Picasa, there is an option called "I'm Feeling Lucky". This usually does a pretty good job of adjusting the color and warmth and all those other happy photo settings that I'm sure you know much more about than I do. It's one of my favorite buttons.

The other little utility is also in Picasa and is "Fill Light". This allows you to adjust the lighting of said photo to make things a little more clear.

And as I sat in my chair editing a particularly inspiring photo (made even more inspiring by feeling lucky and some light filling), I started thinking about how that applies to my own life (you see.. it happens pretty much every time here!)

As it turns out dear reader(s), I am feeling lucky. In fact I'm lucky on a pretty consistent basis. And I have found over the past year or so that I get lucky (hey.. keep it clean! this is a family post!) more when I just let it happen than when I try to force it. I guess there is a fine line between expecting things to roll your way and trying to force them to. I'm learning to fall a little more softly on the side of expecting. and letting. And less on the side of pushing and getting frustrated.

So where, you might ask (go ahead and ask) does the "Fill Light" button come in? Well, that's where you, oh my faithful follower (yes, you) come in. You are the light that makes things a little more clear. You are the magic button that brings my life warmth and color. The perspective that being here with you, that pondering and talking and writing and musing and distracting and stuff brings to me helps me to see that My life is even more full of light and joy and beauty than I would catch at first glance. You have allowed me to adjust the background, and to bring things into focus a bit more, and to see that I really am the luckiest boy in the world.

So here's what we're gonna do (oh ya, you don't get to read this much without having to be involved somehow!) Let's remember just how lucky we are to even be able to be here... that Google somehow brought you here in the first place.  How lucky we are to share these adventures with each other (and yes, I know you're still waiting for the adventures post.. coming soon!) and how lucky we are to face each day with a smile, knowing that we can always meet here should life get to be a little... not enough.

And, you're gonna like this, there's no deal required on the fill part. Just know that You do light up my life, and fill up my senses. Thank you for making my world brighter.

So... ask yourself one question... do I feel lucky? Well do ya?
I hope so. Cuz I sure do.

One comment on “Ask Yourself One Question...”

  1. I thought this post was gonna be like the knock-knock joke. You start it....

    In case I didn't actually say it because I'm always talking about ME and making things about ME, Yes, you should be doing this blogging thing and sharing your awesome self cuz I always come away from here pondering and with a smile on my face.

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