What A Difference You've Made

April 4, 2010

Call me melancholy, call me old, call me Dee (melodrama pun-yes I'm still doing that!  get off me!)... I love new beginnings - new years, birthdays, first days of school (okay, so I hated school all the way around), first day on the job, even the first day of the week... I really like any chance to start over, a chance to forget whatever problems we had in the past that have held us back and reinvent ourselves.  I am a firm believer in giving yourself every opportunity to give yourself a new start.  A new outlook.  A new car (oh,wait, might be just me).  Seriously, find inspiration, beauty, distraction, joy and love, and take those with you as you make steps towards the newly designed, ever improved you.  Even if your best excuse is that it's Sunday.

may you be at least this happy

may you be at least this happy

Perhaps cuz it's springtime; maybe cuz it's Easter, or maybe cuz my heart grew 3 sizes that day (that just happened, yo), but I really feel the need to express that what you are depends on what you believe you can be.  I find you quite fantastic, and so should you.  (I find me quite fantastic, too, but I have enough ego for just about all of us).  Each person makes such a difference to all the others, like a drop of food coloring in water, we change everything around us.

What I need most from you, what the universe needs most from you, as you reflect on what you want to be... is you.  Yeah, it's that simple.  Be what you want to be. Find joy! That's the final standard to which you must live.  You already know what it is; you already know how.

And so I celebrate with you this day of new beginnings! Ranty? Too sappy?  Get over it.  It's your party and you can cry if you want to (don't cry, life is too good) and it's my blog and I can be sappy if I want to. 🙂

If this happens to find you at a time of your new start, I hope that I have played some part in your happiness.  If so, thank you for taking me along for the ride.  and in return...

whether you have been reading all along or whether this is the first post you have read, oh dear readers (somebody is reading this, right?) you have effected a new me, and have made such a difference in my life.  I celebrate the day of your beginning, because what you are colors me.  Without you I would be less.

And I look good like this.  I thank you.


hey, it was this or Ronnie Milsap's "what a difference you made in my life".  Take your victories where you can!

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