Worth the Fight

July 15, 2011

I've got nothing on. The TV, I mean. Hey, this is a family friendly blog... what were you thinking?

I'm one of those cheapies who doesn't have cable/Dish/DirecTV. I satisfy most of my tube-watching desires with a good dosage of Netflix, Hulu and borrowed movies. I also have a HD antenna and, depending on where I place the antenna and where I lay on the bed, I can get a decent number of HD channels.

Evidently this is a pretty popular way of getting your TV (at least here in the ghetto), cuz there have been some new channels pop up lately. Along with the network stations and a dozen PBS channels I now get RTV "random time vortex", MeTV "moderately entertaining tired videos" and THiS "thank heavens its sfree" (shut up. it's the best I could come up with). These channels all show old shows. Shows that I remember from when I was growing up. cuz I'm old. :-/

I was flipping through those channels this morning and landed on a show with Justin Bateman. At first I was a little troubled because I know the guy by site, but then I googled him (it's what I do) and found out that he's one of those actors that has been in pretty much everything. I like stars like that. Not big flashy money-magnets, but someone who performs consistently.

Anywhoo... at this point in this show, he had just realized that he needed to buckle down and study for his exams or he wasn't going to graduate. So he ran to the library and had a heart-to-heart with his love interest and she was gonna help him. It was a touching little scene (well, considering how the rest of the movie was) and then I found out there was a really big problem. I was watching a Teen Wolf sequel. (gasp!)

I liked Teen Wolf. You know, with Michael J. Fox. I liked it so much that I watched Air Wolf just to see if it was a show about flying werewolves. (It's not) People who say that Return of the Jedi was too much like Star Wars have not seen Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too. It's the exact (yes, exact) same story, just with different actors. It was almost more than I could stand (almost). And this is from a guy who really likes twice.

So I watched the movie for a while (the remote was on the kitchen counter and I didn't want to get off the couch... you know how it goes), until the boxing scene, actually. When the big school bully is beating the crap out of Wolverine Jr, but he made some promise that he won't go all hairy (he's says it's like he has a beard all over his body) and continues to get pummeled. Until he gets a little red-eyed and finds some inner strength from his girlfriend Adrian (no wait.. that's Rocky) and then, just when you think he's done, he comes back and wins the day. And then the theme music from Dirty Dancing plays while the credits roll. (ya, bad enough they stole the plot from another show. they stole the soundtrack too!)

What is it with the big comebacks like that? I watched (sort of) The Fighter last night, and the same thing happened there. Kid gets beaten up in every fight, but then in the end decides to get serious and win the world championship. I guess it's that little-known-hero-fighter-makes-a-comeback thing. Makes for good movies?

And as I sat and thought about those movies and my own life (it's what I do) I found a couple of comparisons, which I would like to share with you now (also what I do. I just can't stop.)

The first thought was that it's not really a healthy thing to hold all that anger/energy/ambition/bad acting inside until it just explodes out of you in a massive pinching punching attack. That'll leave bruises and stuff... I speak from experience. Too often we don't speak up about things we don't like, or even things we do, until that one final thing happens and all that not speaking up explodes like a mentos in Coke. And that was almost the whole purpose of this post.

But I started thinking (a dangerous past-time, I know) that it's not really them exploding in anger. I like to think that after they had taken about all they could (you know.. the countdown to 9 and a half before they get up and win in 3 punches), they found that 'something' deep inside that gave them the desire to succeed. The will and the motivation to stop the bad things that were happening and change their lives. To take control of their lives.

I think that for everyone, and in pretty much any situation, there is a point where what you are willing to take becomes what you can't take anymore. Sometimes we put up a fight cuz we know we're right; sometimes we just sit back quietly and say 'whatever' because we know we can't argue with a crazy person, or that the topic isn't that important to us. Sometimes we remind that person who cut in line in front of us that we're a society with rules, and sometimes we let it go because Karma will take care of them and it's not worth getting shot over. And sometimes we have to make a stand. Sometimes we have to set things right. On those rare occasions we have to put everything else aside to do what we know is right, to get what we really want.

We are all champions. And when the right cause, the right reason, comes along we will rise to the fight. I believe that for the right purpose, we can be miracles. Sometimes we need an Adrian in our corner, sometimes we need a good coach. sometimes we just need a mentos. 🙂 But mostly, we need to believe that we can. And that we are worth it (we are!!!).

I know by now you're wondering what the heck all this rambling is leading up to. Well hopefully you haven't had enough and decided to punch that little red X in the upper right corner. 🙂 What it's leading to is this....

I've seen the change that can happen when someone has had enough. I know how powerful it is to take back our lives... and I know how hard that is, especially if you think you have to go it alone. It's easier if you have someone there with you. Teen Wolf Too had his girlfriend, his dad, and his professor. Rocky had Adrian. I have you.

We can rally that inner greatness that each of us has to bring about the changes in our lives, in our situations, that will make us world champions, even if it's only in our own little world. I'll be your cheerleader (I'm not wearing knee socks... I draw the line there), your coach, your biggest fan. I'll even be your Adrian. And I'll definitely be in your corner.

Together, we can make the change, we can win this fight. We can do anything.

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That's exactly the pep talk I needed this morning. Thanks!
and thanks for the obscure Beauty and the Beast reference... I'll be singing that little ditty all day long.

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