When You Need a Boost

May 8, 2011

Well Hi There! How you doin? It seems like I haven't seen you in a month of Sundays, doesn't it? I am SO glad that it's May! I'm at least glad it's not April anymore, cuz that was kind of a difficult month.

Welcome to a new month (yes, I KNOW it's 8 days into the month.. I've been busy. or lazy. whichever) a next step on the path, a new beginning and a new life.

and a new post. So let's get on with it, shall we?

But first (yes, I still do that) I want to tell you a little story mkay? You like stories, right? Right?!

I threw my bedspread in the dryer last night, cuz it was wet. And before you say anything, it was wet because I'd washed it. I set the timer for well-done and went to watch some TV while it dried.

When I woke up this morning (hey, I fell asleep.. so sue me. you're just jealous) I went in to get the bedspread out of the dryer and found that it was still wet. (that's not the conclusion of the story, btw. spellbinding as that might be.) So I checked the lint trap and set the timer again and pushed the start button and

you know what happened? You ready for this?

Nothing happened. Ya. no spin. no heat. no dryness. no bueno. So I did what any good computer guy would do and I pounded on the top of it a couple of times and said 'what the cheese?!' and I moved the dryer out to check the electrical connection and then...

you know what happened? You ready for this?

I closed the door and pushed the button and the dryer started right up. :-/ (sigh)

So now that we've officially established my blondeness, let's talk a little tech. (no that's not a short TV repairman). I was helping someone activate a new phone (and I'm so jealous.. I haven't had a new phone in like 3 weeks now) and took off the little plastic protective cover thing (that's the tech talk right there) so that I could see the screen. Ya know.. I hardly ever take the plastic stuff off. Drives some people crazy. It's probably a good thing my couch didn't come wrapped in plastic or it still would be. And I'm not that OCD. yet.

I noticed the writing on that little plastic cover (we're talking about the phone again, btw) and it turns out there were little tiny instructions on there for setting up the phone. And as I read those little tiny instructions, I thought about you (well, I do that most of the time anyway). The instruction on the cover read:

1. Charge Battery
2. Locate Activation #
3. Activate Service

And it struck me as just really good advice... and not just for setting up a phone. So lemme go through this all d.com style. I think that get activated is just really good advice, and I think it comes at a time when I really need that good advice. I'm certainly active.. gym everyday, work most days (ok.. every day), fishing (whole other story there, but not every day).. I do stay fairly active. But I'm not sure I've been activated lately. I go through those times, as a I'm sure we all do, when I just kind of.. be. And maybe I've 'be'en there lately. Maybe you have too?

But being activated is getting involved in your own life, not just drifting and settling and waiting. Ya, those things are ok sometimes, but it's kind of a circle thing. To keep your batteries charged you need to stay activated. And to get activated you need to charge your batteries. (see what I did there? hmm?)

Oh Hey! That brings me to step 1 (oh this is gonna be a long post. I'll try to hurry it up but you know how I get when I feel rushed. Maybe you want to get a latte or a fudgesicle or something)

1. Charge Battery - For the purposes of this post, let's pretend first that I know what I'm talking about (oh just pretend with me!) and second that this isn't the type of battery charge where you just sit around and relax. I think this is the type of charging where you get ready. Where you find that you need something more than what you have right now. Or at least something different. Something less.. average. More than average maybe. 🙂

2. Locate Activation # - So now that your batteries are charged and you are ready to be powered on (best analogy you get right now), it's time to find that activation number, the thing that is going to turn you on and get you going. Just like with the phone, it's different for each person. It's very personal for you, and there isn't any way that somebody can tell you when it's going to come along. But once you've found it, you know that you have to do whatever you can to keep that with you. And it's really the only thing that can take you to...

3. Activate Service - step 3 is by far the most difficult. If that phone doesn't activate you will miss important texts and calls and start freaking out and spend HOURS on the phone with tech support and will probably just have to take it back to best buy and swap it out anyway. What? Oh, ya. Right. Back to talking about you/me/Us. But it really is the toughest thing to do. Once you find that your battery has been charged and your # activation has been located :), it's difficult to keep going like you have been. To sit around and do nothing (see the previously mentioned other type of battery charging) but it is so very often even harder to do something. Sometimes to do anything. And taking that first move is daunting and scary and wonderful and life-changing. And worth it!

So there you have it. Activating your phone and your self in 3 confusing steps. See how easy that was? If you haven't gotten activated yet, I hope that some of the things you find here at the hathawaywebs helps you find what you need to get your battery charged and your # in gear.

And for those of you, dear readers (who by now number in the high single digits I think), who have already activated your service.. good for you! I'm so happy and proud! Now you just need to keep track of that activation # (you can keep it safe at my house), and make sure you get the other kind of battery charging (you can borrow my Charger if you'd like).

So let's put each other on speed dial (I like fast) we can act as reciprocal tech/life support, mkay? When your system won't boot or reception is lousy, when you feel like you've used all your minutes or the bill is too high, call on me. Sometimes a good charge is in order. Sometimes just a memory refresh or the voice of a friend. And sometimes you just need to be reminded that you have unlimited usage on your plan.


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