When You Most Expect It

April 30, 2010

Guess who went to yoga class at the gym today... go ahead, guess.

Nope. It was me. (how could you miss that?)

You might know that I am a little bit obsessed with the gym; you know, the whole 4:30 in the morning thing every stinking day thing. Well I decided that the trainer wasn't beating up on me enough (crap, I hope she doesn't read this.. you're plenty tough there trainer!) so I should make myself feel sore and awkward in new kinds of ways. Yoga, or spin (eenie meenie..) Well, I've at least done yoga before, and, as a guy,nobody would be be surprised if I sucked at it (can do) and didn't really want to embarrass myself on a bike. So yoga class was it.

It was a whole new experience for me going to the gym to take a class. I mean, me with other people? What's up with that? What has gotten into me lately? It came as no surprise that I was the only male yoga-ster there. But the ladies welcomed me quite warmly (I put on my best non-creepy face) and I picked a spot in the middle of the room. And they turned down the lights (thank you!)

I actually found that it was extremely fun. I really did enjoy the class. Mostly. I knew a good share of the.. poses?.. positions? (I really am new to this) and found that all the work over the past months has paid off fairly well (I can plank now, anyway). tearing you apart or holding you togetherSome of the positions towards the end were a little bit... too much for me, but mostly I didn't get into anything I wasn't able to untwist myself from.

I did find a couple of things about yoga that really tie in with what I've been going through lately; with what we have been going through lately (cuz you're on this journey with me!) And I would like to share them with you now. (It's okay. not scary. keep reading.)

One of the first things the instructor had us do was set our intention. I thought that was pretty cool. Could be intention for the session, the week, the life... who knows? And one of the last things was to focus on that intention and let all the negativity and stress and bad stuff drop away... just focus on the intention. (it's like she'd been reading this blog!)

Which got me thinking (you knew that was coming)... how do people lie on their stomach with their left foot under them and reach over their body with their right had and grab that foot? That just seems impossible to me. I'm not supposed to bend like that! (I have bones, you know)

OK. It actually got me thinking a little about intentions and focus. I know I've covered a little bit about each of those before, but today somebody said something to me that I really liked. Something about loving things that are good for you (sorry, can't remember the exact quote here)... but it was awesome.

Sidetrack over. That was really the point at which I tied together the thought for the day (thought for the day will NOT be a regular feature on stalkdee.comdeehathaway.com)

I love the power of intention. The law of attraction. (and my own law of distraction) I think it is very powerful and, if you read yesterday's post, you know that I think you can set your own path by it. Also from yesterday was the focus. Once you have set that intention, focus on it. This is not a set it and forget kinda thing here.

And the big difference in why things are rolling for me is because I expect them to. That is the third corner of my little success pyramid (much more delicious than the food pyramid).

Set your intention. Focus on it. Expect it.

A few months back I set my intentions on health and happiness... I've been focusing on it... I expect it (and I've been getting it)... and the more I get the more I expect. (okay, let's move on before I just repeat what I already poste... sometimes repetition is not our friend)

I intend to keep loving those things that are good for me. (cuz its okay to do that sometimes) I intend to spend more time with you (yes you, we still have a lot to teach each other, you and I)... but enough about me.

Let's intend to be thrilled more and cause more thrills (have you been for a ride in the race car?) and spend more time being happy... find more joy and more beauty and more abundance, and pass those on to others who are ready. Let's focus on the good things, and keep them in mind all the time. It'll work. Expect it.

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