When It's Time to Change

December 12, 2010

I've been listening to Christmas music quite a bit lately ('tis the season, ya know) and have noticed a recurring theme across a lot of stations/songs/artists.  There are some very common sightings in the 'otherworld' out there.  I'm not saying any of them are fact or fiction, I'm just saying there are a LOT of people who have witnessed the following.

* UFOs
* My awesomeness (that one has been proven to be a fact)
* Bigfoot
* Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster
* Mommy kissing Santa Claus

There are a whole lot of people out there who have witnessed their mommies kissing Santa Claus. While I'm not sure what that says about mommies in general, I gotta say... that Santa really gets around.  🙂

After my workout at the gym today, I went over the stretching area to stretch (well what else would I do there?) and do you know what I found?  If you guessed people stretching you'd only be half right.  There were people there, but they weren't stretching.  There were 2 guys wrestling.

Now I wrestled a bit in my younger (much younger) days (not to be confused with the wrastling I've done.  mmmhmmm!).  And I know that rolling around on a mat with another guy can be a masculine thing. In the right environment.  No really!  It's a very old sport. It's in the Olympics even.  And I think wrestling is much better done with a referee and some method of keeping score.

I'm not one who walks around with a chip on my shoulder (occasionally a bag of chip crumbs, but not chips), and I'm about live and let live, but I was a bit... concerned? amused?  I would have said something to the staff there, but one of the wrestlers was a trainer (or at least dressed like one).  At least they looked like they were actually wrestling and not just rolling around holding each other.  The ultimate point is (yes, there is a point) I kinda wondered if it were a man/woman instead of a man/man if it would have been tolerated in the gym.

But enough chit-chat; let's get on to the point of the post (about time)

Do you remember my post about the new Dee?  (come on.. it hasn't been that long since I posted!)  Well, this is sort of a continuation of that post, albeit a delayed one.  I do tend to take my time about some things.  I say it's worth the wait (and it's my blog, so we'll just go off what I say, mkay?)

While I was driving home that morning, I saw a shooting star in the far Western sky.  It was one of those that just takes it's time dropping across the sky and makes one go "oooh" and "awww" and "holy crap" even when you're alone in the car.   Not that I would do that, but it would be understandable due to the awesome star-ness.   It was like the world had slowed down just long enough for me to witness that streak of light across the sky.  Being the wisher/hopeful romantic/daydreamer that I am, I immediately (no waiting there) started in on my list of wishes. And as I ended the list with my usual "and I wish for soon", it occurred to me that I've even been wishing lazily.

Lemme explain (I thought you could use a little 'splainin here).

It is my belief that if you wish to be thin someday, that you will be thin... someday.  And if you wish to have more money, you will probably have more money.  And maybe someday, long after you're dead, you will be thin (I guarantee it!).  And maybe you'd find a quarter in the parking lot (yay found money!) and then you'd have more money.

But what if you wished to be thin now.  What if you wished to have enough money now. Saying "I am thin" while on the treadmill isn't kidding yourself (or my too un-thin self, as the case may be), it's positive visualization.  And being on the treadmill is being thin. Or at least the first step towards it.  It's you taking control of what you want.

And so it is with all the things we wish for.  Soon isn't soon enough.  Someday is too many days away.  Let's start moving towards the things we want, let's start helping our wishes out by putting a little pressure on them. Those planets have gotten away with being lazy for Way too long.  It's not enough for me to wish for soon anymore.  I'm not that patient.

I wish for now.

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