What You Need

November 13, 2011


Finally we get some cooler weather!! What's that? You thought I was saying finally cuz I haven't posted in so long? Ha ha! I don't even post often enough to worry about how often I post!

But since I brought it up... I'm SO glad it's finally cooled down! Here in the Valley of the Sun, or as we who live/bake here call it, the Valley on the Sun, cooler weather means anything below 80. At night. With the cooler weather comes a few other things too.

* cooler temps (weird, right?!?)
* sweaters
* snow-birds (aka traffic)
* never seeing sunlight outside of work hours (it's a daylight savings time thing)
* quiet

Oh yes... the quiet. No, it's not the soft sound of snowflakes falling, although that does happen... just never here.

I was walking through the house the other morning opening the blinds/curtains/sash in the hope that Saint Nick soon would be there. Wait. Wrong story.

I was in the living room opening the curtains to let the light in on a plant that I've adopted, and am still trying to prove that I can keep alive, when I realized how quiet it was. It wasn't the absence of cars driving by, or music on the radio... it was the quietness of the power meter. In the summer that thing spins like... well... like... like a really spinny thing! and the sound of the money eeking away is much like a leaf blower sending leaves across the lawn.

So... along with the cooler weather comes thoughts of the upcoming melodrama (yes that again). You're going to hear a whole lot about that, especially since it has become such an important part of my life. Did you know I have been tasked with (aka volunteered for) writing the next melodrama? Oh yah; that's me. There have been a few meetings with the more imaginative players, and they have been very open to my ideas... but I'm starting to feel the pressure here.

For those of you involved in the melodrama (yes, I'm talking to you), do not fret; I have never missed a deadline. For those of you not involved in the melodrama (yes, both of you), why aren't you in the melodrama?????

As I have been writing the script (for those without a program, here's where I start to drift toward the point), I have realized how hard it is to make a story up as you go along. And it was just a little while ago that the thought hit me (and it didn't even hurt)... it's easier to visualize a destination than a path.

I found it much easier to start the dialogue knowing where everything would end up rather than figuring out how everybody would meet.... and then figuring out how to get all the characters there.

It's so much easier to have a final destination in mind, and so hard to make life up as you go along!   Example? Oh you got it!

If you want to get to... let's say... La Jolla. It so much easier to plot that as your destination and figure out how to get there than to say I want to go on vacation and try to figure out where to go next, without any idea where you will end up. If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter which way you go.. right???

I guess what I'm trying to say ((finally)) is that the toughest job we have as travelers, as adventurers, as friends and lovers and people, is to figure out where we want to be. It's not to figure out what the next step is... any GPS can tell you the next turn... it's to find the final destination.

So my challenge to you is to figure out where you most want to be... and if you already know that, then to keep remembering.  It's OK to stop and see the World's Largest Ball of Twine on the way, and you may have to stop and change an occasional flat tire (it happens). But keep in mind that the ball of twine is not your destination (oh please tell me it isn't!!!) and that a flat tire is merely a distraction. Never forget where you want to be!

I think it was Covey who said "sharpen the saw". Which has nothing to do with this post. But he also said "begin with the end in mind", and I think that really applies to our everyday lives. To our dreams. To our future.

We get what we focus on. Call it a prayer, an intention, a goal, a focus... we end up where we really want to be. Let's help each other remember what we really want most.  And to keep our eyes on the prize (I wish I could come up with more motivational rhyming stuff here, but I got nothin'!)  Should you lose focus, let me be your guide. Cuz I want only the best for you. Your happiness is my intention!


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