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March 8, 2011

I wrecked the racer.

Ya, that's right. Took some serious retread to the front which knocked all of its teeth out, not to mention a big chunk of the grill and bits of the A/C condensor. 🙁 But this post isn't about the accident, it's about the rental car experience. So sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

When I talked to the Geico rep on the day of the accident, she told me that if I rented from Enterprise and told them I was a Geico customer who was getting my car fixed they would give me discount. well, I'm a believer, so I made my reservation with Enterprise for the full size car. A Charger, Altima, Malibu or equivalent. I wish there was a way to pick exactly what car you'd be getting cuz I hate showing up to see that they consider a taurus equivalent to a charger. :-/

I walked into the rental office on Litchfield, which looks moderately sized from the outside, but really big inside cuz there is a desk and a counter and a LOT of empty space. Anyway, I told the rental gal my sad story and she said "so the insurance company is paying for this?" No. Just me. and they said I could get a frequent wrecker discount. no reply. :-/

She put all my info in and then printed out my bill which was the same as my online reservation. So much for the discount. Oh well, it wasn't that big of a deal.

She grabbed some keys and we headed out to the parking lot, right past the Ford Focus (yay!) and straight for the HHR (what the crap!). Not that there's anything wrong with that particular car (sorry HHR drivers), there is just something wrong with me being in that particular car.

Fortunately we walked right past that too and landed on the Dodge Journey (yay) with the tinted windows and cool colors and stuff. Rental gal said that she hoped it was ok that they upgraded me. Well, ya know. I guess I'll take a free upgrade. 🙂

I just did a little webbing to find out what kind of an upgrade I got and found out that the rental price on the Journey is about twice what it was on the car I had reserved. I'll take that upgrade. I like the way that sometimes all you have to do is make it known that you want something and you get it. (well, it happens to me all the time!!) And that sometimes it's not what you expect but is something so much better. I expected a discount, and might have gotten a few bucks knocked off the price, and instead got something worth twice what I was paying for. I expected better and got way better, way more than I expected. I didn't have to beg or coerce or scream (cuz I don't do that). I just had to set my intention, be nice and let it come to me. I like the upgrade. I'm very happy with it.


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Yay for getting more than you expected. Life works that way a lot if you let it.
Hope the race car is feeling better soon.

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