The Way I See It

January 20, 2011

Do you remember, way back a long time ago.. when I talked about sitting on the porch swing and looking at the stars or out across the valley?  I know that it's been months, and I know a lot can happen in just a few months, so I've given you a little help here. I talked about it a little in What Are The Odds and My Daily Heartoscope (shameless self promotion of old postings).  If you haven't read those posts in a while, you should go check them out again (I need the traffic!)

I am currently between porch swings (and no, that doesn't mean I have a porch swing on either side of me!), but I have continued my nightly tradition of sitting outside and talking to the planets and airplanes and looking for shooting stars upon which to wish. It's a time for me to think and reflect and say goodnight and a practice that I highly recommend.  Oh sure, you could sit in your house and say goodnight, but there's something about saying it in person.

Anyhoo... the spot I have picked to park my hiney is at the back of the yard, on the garden ledge. I have my back to the wall, and a clear view of the southern sky, the bag yard (that's a big back yard) and into the house so that I have a clear view of what Rowdy is up to.  Last night the moon was very bright and quite beautiful and I was just sitting there enjoying the night and was struck by a few thoughts (ouch) that I would like to share with you here.  (you do know that's why I started this blog, right?  so I could share my thoughts with those of you bored enough to keep reading?)

The moon was bright enough to see some pretty good detail outside, but not enough to put full color on everything.  The trees in the yard are illuminated (spotlights, not Christmas lights... come on people. take your lights down already, they're not Easter lights!)  and those show up with a little bit of green where the light hits them.  I was stunned by the difference between the faint colors of the walls and rocks and trees and the strikingly bold colors I could see in the house through the back door.  To say it was like night and day would not only be cliche (and not funny), but inadequate.

And, as usually happens when I find something really beautiful like that, I just got totally swept away and the thoughts just started running through my head... thoughts about how much life is like that awesome comparison that I had the pleasure to witness.  (you knew that was gonna happen.  or you should have.  Crap!  Have I not posted in so long that you forgot how it works??)

I won't get into the whole part about how we have the sun to light our way cuz we're talking about night here (pay attention),  but I will say that most of us are illuminated by moonlight. Not totally in the dark, but being able to see what is around us (sometimes I run into stuff anyway but mostly cuz I get distracted), able to make out the shapes and forms and can probably call out the colors if we concentrate (I love alliteration!). And things move along ok... normal... average.

Occasionally there are bright spots where we get to see some detail and dazzle and display... places in our life that stand out from the rest.

And sometimes when we are really lucky, and really paying attention, the lights come on and we get to see the full color and beauty that life and living and love can bring.  I'm sure, or at least I hope, that there are people who are able to live in full color all the time.  Maybe it's just being aware that such a contrast even exists that makes us able to see the difference.  and I'm guessing there are people who spend their entire lives barely illuminated (and a few who are completely in the dark!)

I've had moments of complete beauty and joy (and rapture!  wait. that was last year's theme) in my life and I know how lucky I am to have had those moments. I think that for the most part I never even looked for the light and just kinda settled for either stumbling along or following where everyone else was going. Well, the new Dee don't play that game. 🙂

Having you here to talk to and explore with and be able to just put whatever I'm feeling out to has led to some of the best, most colorful times of my life. (but dee... it's just a blog!) Oh, it's so much more. It's a relationship. (don't be scared) It has let me explore the dark corners, and put spotlights on the things I want to see better.  And I'm fully convinced that you are the light that currently shines.  (how did that happen, you ask?) You, dear reader(s), have let me be me, encouraged me to be me (you might be sorry for that later, btw), to work things out in my head and my heart.  And having you in my life like this has given me what I need to 'turn on the lights'. (yes, you turn me on!)  😉

I want you to know that you are so very beautiful. Says me. And I will try my best to keep that light switched on. And I hope that what you find here with me helps to light up your life as well.


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