The Same Old Story

November 10, 2010

Hi! How was your morning? Mine started out a little bit late... I missed the gym this morning (gasp!). Hey, it happens. I even went to bed at a fairly reasonable time last night (after doing the p90 kenpo workout. uh-huh!), but when the alarm went off my back said "oh just hit the snooze and we'll get up in 5". Well, a tap on the droid is snooze and a swipe is off. Guess what the Dee did? Yup. I swiped when I should have tapped.

So I woke to a text at 6:15, and would have been SO late for work without it. So yay for wake-up texts!  🙂

My work-day started out late, with a little smack-down (received, not given) and a craving for a nap. Let me relay a little conversation I had with one of the troops at work today. DB is a young punk (he wasn't classified as punk until this conversation) who I don't see very often, and evidently haven't seen since around the time of the infamous cutting of the hair.

DB: You cut your hair and it just grows back.
Me: uhhh... ya. That's kinda how it works.
DB: Well I thought once you got to a certain age your hair didn't grow in so much anymore.
Me:     :-/


That's such a wonderful way to start the day.

So I hobbled back to my office and creaked my old bones into my chair and thought about getting old. And the funny thing is, I don't feel old. I don't think I look old. (older, maybe) But I suppose there are a few signs that I might be getting old. Maybe a few things don't work as well as they used to, and maybe some memory has been overwritten. I have had a few parts upgraded/reinforced and some repair work done, but overall I think I'm in better shape than I have been in a long, long time (no matter what DB sees).  And I feel a whole lot more like I do now than I did a little while ago.  😉

Evidently the theme of the day was old, cuz I also spent a bit of time talking with a friend about the good ol' days, and being young and stupid. Those kinds of discussion usually lead around to how we seem to still feel guilty for things that we did a long time ago, and how the choices we made when we were young and stupid (or even old and stupid) can affect our lives for a long, long time. Not all of the choices we make are really that big of a deal. What shirt to wear, what to have for dinner, should we have one piece of cheesecake or two. (the answer is always 2, I like twice). Although some decisions we make end up making a huge mess of things, usually even those can be cleaned up with a little work.

And since I'm talking about trouble, we as humans typically spend way too much energy feeling guilty about the things we've done, or regretting the things that we haven't. We spend way too much time living for other people, and hardly any time living for ourselves; way too much in the past, and not enough right now.  Admit it. You know it's true.

Most of the time we make the best choice that we can with the information we have at the time. I wish that were always the case, but in retrospective/nostalgic mood I've been in lately (quick! somebody put on some 70s music!) I think that a lot of decisions are made for other reasons... what we see as the only choice because of previous decisions maybe. Some are even made for us. (why do we do that? Let's not do that anymore, mkay?) I had spent a good deal of time working out the various ways that decisions get made, but in the interest of actually getting this post done (and the fact that I'd rather surf YouTube for a while than make a list), I'm not going to make that list. So make your own.  🙂

If you've read the previous posts here at, you'll know that we are where we are right now because of the choices we have made. Every turn, every detour, every side road and straight shot had to be navigated to get us to right here right now.  (I'm craving a road trip evidently)  So.. if you don't like where you are (and I hope you do.. I certainly do) do something different, change that path, try turning left instead of right! (yes, it's that simple sometimes). And for heaven's sake stop feeling like you have to spend the rest of your life living with bad choices you made when you were a kid and didn't know any better!  (there's that young and stupid thing again)

For those of you who have always known who/what you are or wanted to be, you have my envy. You should write a book (but more on that later). For the rest of us, I have just a little bit if advice. As always, take what you can use and tell me I'm crazy for the rest.

*Be as happy as possible
*Live life the way you desire
*Positively impact the lives of others
*Leave the world a little better when you go

You already have all the information you need to change your life. You don't need any advice from me, you don't need a psychiatrist or self-help guru.  If you're waiting for the perfect time to start, that time is now.  Today is guaranteed, tomorrow isn't.

I'm sounding very cliche-ish in this post, so here are even more cliches...

The book of life is written in ink, not pencil; and we are the authors.  We'll never be able to go back and rewrite or erase... but we can write our own happy ending. So let's do that. Let's be as happy as possible (do it!) and live the life we want, not the one we think others want or expect . I hope that the words you read here, the silly little things I do and the stories I tell, help to change your life, or at least make you think (even if you think I'm crazy). And you have certainly changed my life for the better. You are such a good listener!! (but would it kill you to write once in a while? hello... comment section, contact Dee...)  I know that with Us together the world is a much better place.  Gooder even!

Now hand me that pen and get ready to read a really good story!

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Young whippersnappers! I suppose this is the same kid that thinks you'll never have sex again.
What people like him, old or young, don't realize is that life just keeps getting better. Like you, I feel younger than I did 20 years ago.
I'm still in lousy shape physically, (workin' on it!) but mentally I'm like Jack LaLaine. Except for the ridiculous jump suit. I refuse to do that.

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