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July 31, 2010

I have some shocking news. I hope you're ready for this. Are you ready? Cuz I need you to be ready...

Today. I did not go to the gym. (gasp!) I know! I was pretty shocked myself. I stayed up way too late last night (I blame you) at a most fantastical rave party and had to get up way to early to go deposit one of the kidlings at their ride to work. When I got back home I figured I would just get the day started and sat down on the computer (and there goes the day, right?!) 70 percent song lyricsand do a little emailing and blogging and posting and stuff and junk. And then I got a little sidetracked (no way! not you dee!) by some songs. And before I knew it my phone was saying "going to the gym today?"

At that time I had every intention of going to the gym (see, now I wish I hadn't started out the post by telling you I didn't go, cuz it would have fit right here as a little entertaining twist in the story... and these stories need all the entertaining twists they can get :-/ ) I went into the ol' bedroom and took care of some tanning and got a little bit roasty-toasty - the tanning lights tend to warm you up a bit - and thought I'd just stretch out on the bed under the fan to cool down (you know how that goes, right?)

And the next thing you know my phone is buzzing at me and it's an hour and a half later. 🙂

I could have gone to the gym at that point, but decided instead to spend the day working on some tasks that I have been putting off lately, mostly talking (typing, whatever) to you, and working on some music. There are a couple of songs I've been telling myself I would learn on the guitar and today, rainy as it is, seems like a very good day to sit on the couch and strum the strings. So I hopped on the handy-dandy internet to find the chords for the songs... and today's post was born.

Now I know what you're thinking (I really don't, but without you telling me I have to make stuff up)... what does finding song chords have to do with paths and intention and the usual weird stuff that gets posted here? Well, I am so glad you asked!

When you're learning a new song, one of the easiest ways to get the chords is google (I do like to google things... it generally works out really well for me). Back in the day (I promise to not use that phrase again) I had to listen to the cassette tape over and over and over and try to figure out the words and chords on my own. Now I just hop online and somebody else has done all that work for me. I appreciate that someone else takes the time to listen to the cassette over and over. What? mp3? hmmm. I'll have to try that.

Most songs are pretty basic (well, the songs I can play anyway) and have a few easy chords, but there are times when you run across the music and can't figure out how in the heck the people writing the chords came up with what they did. Ever try playing a song in the key of L flat minor 7? Me neither, but some people who transpose this stuff think that it's okay to play chords that require 3 sets of fingers to play, kissing you in the rainand generally it turns out that if they had changed the key or used a capo the chord would have been a simple C.

And that got me thinking (did you see that coming?)... how often in our lives do we make things so much more difficult and complicated than they have to be, than they really are? (Oh! I do it all the time. Why I did it just about an hour ago!) I'm guessing the world is a complicated place because we make it so. Because we don't necessarily play it in the right key, or because we are too afraid, or too busy, or too distracted by our everyday existence to retune ourselves to make life easier to play.

So let me be your capo. Let me be your sounding board. Together we can figure out the chords that will be our song. When life seems a bit too complicated, when it seems that you can't possibly stretch to cover all the notes you need to play, turn to me. And I will help you find your way across the strings... that's a promise. and maybe, just maybe, your life will be played in the key of Dee. 🙂

I know that you and I can make some beautiful music together.

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don't allow the happy moment, because they're so busy trying to get a happy life.
--- Abraham

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