The Company We Keep

September 5, 2010

I was walking through WalMart yesterday... actually I was shopping... I don't do a whole lot of strolling around WalMart just to kill time, waiting for excitement to show up. But occasionally that does happen. 🙂

Anyway, I was shopping in the big box yesterday and a couple of punk kids passed by me in the aisle, kinda staring all weird-like at me. I thought at first that maybe my fly was open, but that's really not the direction they were looking. It was more of an eye-contact thing than a fly-contact thing. (wow, 2 distractions in the first paragraph; we may never get this post done). I'm used to being scary to little kids (it's the long hair, beard and bad attitude thing), but punk kids usually don't pose much of a problem for me. As they walked by I found the reason for the stare, when one of the dudes said to the other...

"I thought that was Keith Urban".

I may be extremely hard to live with for a while (harder than normal), cuz I think my ego grew 3 sizes that day. And you didn't think it could get any bigger... you're so silly.

You remember the training I went to a couple of weeks ago? From the last post... oh, did I mention the lunches? Well, they really went out of their way to provide a tasty mid-day treat. when you're important to a personIt was pretty awesome. I think every conference/training that I go to should have lunches like that one. I need a snack. brb.

Anyhooo... I was looking through some of my notes from that training and found a topic that just really seems to fit the way my day/mood has gone today. One key phrase that I picked up in the training was "you can only be as successful as your business partner will let you".

In the project management world, this means that no matter how good you are at your job, how wonderful you run a project, how clean your programming is... if the business that you are working with doesn't want you to succeed, doesn't let you succeed or doesn't know how to succeed, you never will.

Always looking for connections, it occurred to me how that applies so much in our everyday life (for those people who may have an everyday life. My life just happens to be awesome!!) Almost everything that we are, that we become, is from our own programming, from how good we are at bringing about the things we want, about being prepared for those spectacular moments when they come along. But we are all subject to surrounding influence (peer pressure, erratic room temperature, etc) and the people that we hang out with, the company we keep, can go a long way in how successful we are.

One trick in the business world is to hang out with people who are more successful than you are. If you are the most successful person in your group, well I say good for you for one thing. But maybe you need to find someone who is at least as good as you, if not better. The same goes for happiness. If you're surrounded by funhaters, life is eventually going to seem like a constant lousy Monday for you.

But if you look for good people and happiness, and hang out with those who love life, who dance and sing, who love puppy breath and who laugh when they spill something, life might just seem more like a fun, lazy (or exciting I suppose) Sunday morning. Full of things that feel good, things that make you happy, things you want.

That's what I've done. And my life has never been better. You know when it's been this good? Never! (I just told you that... try to pay attention)

So how do you go about finding happier, and being with happier people, and therefore becoming a happier you? (maybe there's a Happier Dee - oh I don't know if I would survive that one) youIt all starts with a decision. For me, the process started when I decided that I was not going to be miserable anymore. I was going to find my bliss, my center, a reason for getting out of bed in the morning (cuz I knew I couldn't keep going on auto-pilot). You know what? I found it!

A big part of that happiness was finding you. You (yes, you!) keep coming back and making me feel worthwhile and alive and happy. My muse, my distraction, call it what you will, being able to talk to you and be with you here is part of what makes my life awesome instead of everyday. You saved Me.

Most people never make it past the first step. The first step is to decide that you want to be happy, that you deserve to be happy (cuz you are wonderful and beautiful and awesome!), that you can and will be happy. Maybe you don't have it all worked out yet... well just let me go first and you can be happy with me until you're ready to step out on your own a little more. 🙂 And maybe I can save you right back!

Take my hand and let's be a success story - let's find happy. (Happily ever after, since it's a story!) Bookmark this site (you know you want to) and know that This is a happy place, a refuge, a soft place to fall (or at least a place where you won't get rugburns if you do). If there's something we don't want, or maybe we just think it's too soon, don't be afraid to say no. But let's certainly not be afraid to say yes when the time is right and happiness comes our way! Let's stay away from the funhaters, and look for things that are beautiful, that are fun, and that let us be who we are.

Cuz I really like who we are.

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