Say What?

March 25, 2012

Wow!  Would you look at the time!?  Is it almost April already!?!

I know I haven't written in a long, long time (and I know that you know that too!).  I appreciate you not giving up on me and checking in again, despite my obvious absence here.  I do have an excuse.  And it's pretty good.  Wanna hear it?

Too bad. Here goes.

I've been rather busy with melodrama.  I know... it hasn't kept me from writing in years past, but as you might know I was the author/director/star of the the show this year!  OK, so maybe not the star, but I was in it.  It was SO good to see everybody again and have all those fun peeps that I love so much together again, and not to be vain (oh no, not me), it was pretty fun to have everybody, or at least most everybody, find out that i really do have a sense of humor.  And that despite what you read on this blog, I really can write.  🙂  I wont' get into the details of the melodrama (it was way freakin' awesome and I'm so glad you were able to be there!)... but here's a link in case you know people who weren't able to attend.  Buckeye gets melodramatic.

As with past years, there is that PMDD (post melodrama depression) to deal with, and I suppose that sort of thing happens at the end of anything wonderful.  It's a little less this year because I will be hosting the cast party (no really!  I'm going to have people over to my house... really!  NO REALLY!!!)  I'm actually pretty excited to open up my house and my life. a little.

And speaking of the end of anything wonderful (caught you off guard by jumping right to the point, didn't I!  What's that?  6 paragraphs in isn't right to the point?  Shut up and read...)  Today while I should have been making preparations for the aforementioned cast party (or a hundred other things) I watched a movie.  Hey, I was doing laundry while I watched it... that counts as doing something.  Right?  Right???

The movie I watched was Seven Days in Utopia.  At first I thought it was a lot like Doc Hollywood, which I love, except with a golf story.  There was a point when I thought it was going to turn all religious, but it just served to remind me that something doesn't have to be religious in order to be spiritual.

I love that kind of story, about someone finding themselves.  And even more, I love a story about finding yourself when it involves other people helping you do that.  It makes me think about the people who enter our lives, whose paths cross and intersect and even intertwine with our very own... and the difference that they make on who we are.  And the difference that we can make on who they are.  And about the changes that can happen in our lives if we are paying attention.

At one point in the movie, the question was asked "What do you want your epitaph to say?  What do you want on your headstone?"  So I started thinking (it happens in every post.  but not so much in everyday life.) about the end of melodrama, and the end of the old Dee, and yes, about the end of my own life.

I don't think that I want my life summarized any differently when I'm dead and buried than I do now.  I'm sure I have a lot of growing, and hopefully a whole lot of learning and love and adventures ahead of me.  But I don't want what is said at the end of my life to be a summary of what I've done so much as a summary of how I did it, how I lived my life.  And I hope to be doing that now... living my life I mean.

I loved getting recognized as the author of a fun, punny melodrama.  But I'd rather be remembered for my sense of humor than any script I might write.

So what would I like said about me?

At first I thought... "he was loved".  Too vain (even for me).  Too easy (even for me).

Then I thought... "he made a difference".  or "he loved his girls".  Too generic.

In the movie, the leading man chose "SFT".  See. Feel. Trust.

What would I say about the people/person I admire most?  What would I say about my best friend if I had to say something about them now that would fit on a slab of stone?  What would I want them to say about me?  What would I want you to say about me?

What I would say, and what I hope one day can be said about me, is this.

You live with passion.  You love without restraint.  And all that I am is better because of you.

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