Remember This

May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!!!

What are you doing on this Memorial Day? Traveling out of town (or back from a weekend away)? Barbequing with family and/or old friends? Meeting new friends for lunch? Sitting in quiet solitude and remembering those who fought and died for our freedom? Writing a blog post?

These are all perfectly acceptable activities for Memorial Day.

remember this

For some, every day is Memorial Day

It wasn't until I was in the military myself that I knew Memorial Day was a time to remember and honor those who gave their lives in defense of our country and our freedom.

I have seen a lot of postings in social media admonishing people for celebrating today, on what they feel should be a somber day of remembrance. I've seen posts where someone has been reprimanded for saying "thank you for your service" to a living veteran or current service member. I've seen posts telling people that they need to know the difference between Memorial Day (for those who served and died for our country) and Veterans Day (for those who served our country and lived) and Armed Forces Day (for those currently serving our country) and post appropriately.

Bunk! I say.

As a veteran, and as an American, and as a strongly opinionated writer I say it doesn't matter. Any day and any way that you remember how our country became and stays the great place it is today is an appropriate remembrance. In a perfect world, every day would be Memorial Day... we would always remember to be thankful for those who gave everything so that we could have anything. But in this world, I'm glad that there are days to make us all stop and remember why we can travel where we want, book what we want with whom we want, eat what and where we want and even blog about whatever we want.

And if you are grillin' or chillin' or even if you're illin' today, remember to give a nod, raise a glass, or maybe just post a comment on your favorite website (ahem...) to say thank you to all those who fought, and all those who fight, and all those who sacrifice for our freedom and for our right to celebrate any way we choose.


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