December 13, 2009

I have been looking for some new and hopefully better ways to make a few bucks on a couple of my blogs, and ran across the PeerFly network while looking at affiliate programs on OfferVault. I'm pretty sure I've heard of PeerFly through one of the many training programs I've thrown time and money at, but didn't seem to have a login.

I decided to try PeerFly based on doing some Google searching and some of the IM blogs - has a good reputation and the website is pretty well done. I have moved past the point of Clickbank and Adsense with some success (I've earned enough to pay for the hosting and domain names) and am looking for something a little more advanced and off the beaten path, if you will.

The signup process for PeerFly is pretty intense when compared to most of the affiliate marketing programs I've dealt with. After you complete the typical name & password entry, you have to verify your email address (nothing unusual), have the program call your phone so you can get a PIN, and then you have to upload a government issued ID. Now I wait while they review my information and possibly contact me if they need more information. Pretty intense.

PeerFly bills themselves as another "one-of-a-kind cost-per-action based affiliate ad network" (according to their FAQs). what they do have that is unique is their own custom-built software. Hopefully the stringent sign-up will keep me from having yet another over-saturated affiliate network.

Anybody out there already using PeerFly and can offer up a little review?


I like what I see so far!  Within minutes of submitting my application (and this post) I got a response from PeerFly in my email.  They noticed I was asking for some reviews and sent me a bunch of links with information regarding their program.

I have been involved in a lot of programs that take your money and/or information and the only time they contact you is to send you an offer in the email...  not the case here.   Call me spoiled, but I like to know there is a live body checking up on me!  Good job PeerFly!

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