Oh Say Can You Sea

May 9, 2011

Before we get started, I would like to post a Public Service Announcement. Or maybe it's more like a Public Service Pleading. Either way, brb.

Dear Guy at the Gym in Stretch Pants,

Please stop.

Everyone Else at the Gym

OK. Thanks for hanging in there while I took care of that... on with the post!

I was at Lake Powell a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it's taken me that long to write about my oceanic adventures (Oceanic.. reminds me of Lost. Good times). I'm hoping that the fact that I'm writing 2 days in a row will help make up for that. Yes? No? Well I'm posting anyway.

I love being on the lake... and it's not just the fantastic fishing. And it really was fantastic, btw. We kept (that's kept, not caught) 84 delicious bass. What does 84 stripers look like? 2 zebras. 🙂

While the fishing was awesome, the weather was a little rough. The tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless crew (that's me and the bro, btw), the stripers would be lost. (you know you were singing along!) But we didn't lose the stripers. We didn't even lose the boat (this time). I did, however, manage to lose a fishing pole (just kicked it in) and a fillet knife (it spun through the air so beautifully before it splashed and sank). You'd think that anything you take on a boat should float. But almost nothing does.

N E wayyy..... another thing I love about being on the water there is the scenery. Especially this time of year when the sun isn't bearing down on everything making it all washed out (especially my eyes). As we were heading up a canyon, the captain (that's right.. I'm not always the big toe. Sometimes I'm the second toe. or the heel. You can be the pinkie toe, mkay?) commented that he never gets tired of the scenery. And I commented that it's partly because the scenery is different every time. As the sun moves across the sky through the different seasons, it causes the shadows on the chiseled walls to change constantly. The same cliffs can look completely different from one hour to the next.

And I love looking for arches. The place is just lousy with arches! You can buy a map of the lake that points out all the arches that have been named, and I've seen that map, but there are new arches forming all the time and a lot of them are tough to see. (did you see all the arches in that paragraph?! It's like that!)

So as we drove up the canyon admiring the beauty of the lake, the sun started heading toward the horizon and all of the patterns and shadows on the rocks started to disappear.. and just when it looked like the beauty of the lake was fading.. I noticed that when it starts to get a little dark down in those canyons is when it also gets easier to spot arches. As you're looking up from the dark water towards the light sky those arches just start popping out left and right!

That's when you know it's time to start heading for the shore. You don't wanna be out on the lake at night. Dark and scary. Then the light fades a little bit more, and it gets a little bit darker... and then the sky explodes with color and the lake comes alive with beautiful reflection as the sun paints itself to bed. It's absolutely amazing!

(you know what's coming next, don't you?? well you should!) And that got me thinking about the similarities of being on the water at sundown and living through the times in our life when it seem the sun might not be shining so much. And how that even carries over to sunrise... how it's always darkest (or at least coldest) before the dawn. (oh that's too cliche, even for me. so let's get back to the sunset shall we?)

So if shadows fall as we travel this path, if things start to get a little dark and we feel tossed and turned and lost at sea... don't panic! (first rule of life) Let's find the bright spots, search for those hidden arches (no, not McDonald's.. that's golden arches), look for and remember the good things. We can help each other find those little parts of beauty that weren't apparent because all we've been seeing are the walls around us. Before we know it that sun will throw it's beautiful colors against the clouds, and paired with the reflection off the water, the reflections of ourselves in each other, it will light our way to shore. You be my boat, and I'll be your sea. And love will be the sun.
and you thought I would post 'the River', didn't you?!

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