Oh How Embarrassing!

March 24, 2010

I've been Googled.  I felt it and enjoyed it immensely.  It tickled a little, but it kinda left a sore spot when it was done.

Yesterday I confessed that I am a creepy stalker and google people.  I google other things too, but sometimes you  just have to check up on those you're in close contact with.   After verifying that there was no restraining order against me for the confessed stalkingness, I thought about what somebody would find if they should type my name in the search bar.  Obviously deehathaway.com comes up first (as I should).  But have you been to this page?  There is not really anything all that interesting on here (which is in direct contradiction with the live version of me) and the update schedule shows nothing but a high degree of negligence.

So here is my promise to you, oh my tens of visitors.  I will do a much better job of keeping this updated, of giving you something to do when you are lucky enough to find the dood, and I won't delete any more of your comments.

Now here is a picture, just for you.

a time for reflection

a time for reflection

and some music from my current favorite performer on the interwebs.

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