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June 22, 2013

3 miles at the gym today... what a workout!

OMHeck I can't take this heat anymore!  Triple digits already??? 3 is too much!! (follow the link!  do it!!)

What the crap, Walmart?  Do your return cart areas really need to take up 4 parking spaces?

Is anybody out there?  Lol!

Feeling kinda lonely here... Why isn't anyone liking my comments???

Oh.. wait.. this isn't Facebook...  this is!  Well no wonder there aren't any comments here!!  (hint, hint)
foreverA couple of Thursdays ago (yes, it takes me that long to post about stuff now... I'm very busy. Now shut up and let me get to the story) I was sitting in an airport trying to get to Hawaii.  (it's a tough life)  There would be a post about that at except I've become really bad at keeping blogs updated, so that one is really behind too.  Don't judge me.  😐

Anyway, I'd started out trying to get to Kauai... flying space-available, don't ya know... and couldn't get on the first flight.   Or the second.   The problem wasn't getting to Hawaii, it was getting to CA so that I could catch the flight to Hawaii.  Evidently if you're flying United, you have to be in LA, SF, DC, TX, IL or THERE to get anywhere. And you can't get there from here!

So after sitting in the airport all day, I finally caught the flight to LA (yay!!) where I could catch a flight to Maui.  Not Kauai, but still not a bad desination (you're feeling really bad for me right now, aren't you).  I got into Hawaii about 8pm, which is 11pm my time, and was just beat and exhausted and still had to get a rental car and hotel and I REALLY had to pee (feeling bad yet?)

It all worked out (as it always does for me) and I had a really good weekend and eventually decided to make my way back to 'the real world' (this post isn't about the trip... wait for the post on the deeandcindy place).  On the way back I started checking my email and schedule for the week and that "oh crap I've been out of the office too long and I have too much to do and I have to go back to the real world and deal with all this crap" panic started setting in.  If you don't experience that, you are SO not a big toe and/or I really want your job!

Short story long... I made it back home and I made it back to work and I made it in a couple of other ways (shhhh! this is a family show) and overall had a pretty good day for the first day 'back'.   The office roof hadn't blown off (it's been known to happen) and the bossman even liked one of my ideas (not really been known to happen much).  And so my day went along just swimmingly.

Later that day (insert smooth transition scene here) I was perusing Facebook and came across a post by a friend of a friend... evidently while I was in Hawaii stressing over what hotel by the beach to stay at and what car to drive to said hotel in and what exotic beach-drink to have when I reach said hotel (I sense you're not really feeling bad for me at all), well... said f of an f (oh let's just call him Dallin) was being broadsided by an SUV.

And when I saw that, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck.  Except I wasn't the one who had been hit by a truck.

And when I was on my way back from my tropical escape, Dallin's doctors weren't very hopeful.

And while I was worried about reports and answering email and rescheduling meetings because my vacation had run long, Dallin's family was wondering if they would ever talk with him again.

new dayAnd while I was getting a thumb's up from my boss, Dallin's wife was getting a thumbs up from him.  (yay!)

And right then and there I realized I don't have any problems.  None.

And that got me thinking (which I haven't done in a long time) about how I so many times forget how lucky I am to just be able to get out of bed in the morning.  How lucky I am to have a job that I love.  How lucky I am to have so many wonderful friends.  How lucky I am to be able to complain about my life and how lucky I am to be able to keep on living it. And how lucky I am to be able to live it with you!

I have a great house... a home even...  but it's probably not the last house I'll live in.

I have an awesome (probably the most awesome ever) car... but it's probably not the last car I'll drive. (shhhh! don't tell the racer!)

I have a really good job (I really do! no matter how much I hate Mondays!) but it's probably not the last job I'll ever have.  That is, if I'm lucky.

And I am lucky.  (It does not suck to be Dee Hathaway!!)

You know who else is lucky?  You are! and We are!  And yes, by the grace of God/Superman/the flying spaghetti monster/fate, Dallin is.  Because we all get to spend another day with our friends, with the wonderful frustrations of daily life, with the ones we love.  We are the lucky ones.

Oh crap.  My hard drive just crashed.  I hate my life!  (just kidding!)

So today, we have 3 songs...
For Dallin:

For me:

For Us!

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Tara Wengert Hendriksen
Tara Wengert Hendriksen

Thank you so much for this- I love it and don't worry, I still feel bad for you not getting to Hawaii right away, haha!! 🙂 But yes, Dallin's accident have definitely put things into perspective and taught us- especially me- so much. Life is good!! Hard times come but so do miracles and reminders to help us make it through this crazy world. Thanks again- I enjoyed reading this!!
-Tara Hendriksen (Dallin's sister)


I started following Dallin's story on Facebook because it showed up in my stream because you liked it. I'm hooked. I don't know any of these people and I cry and cheer right along with the family. Social media at it's finest.

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