My Head is Spinning

May 8, 2010

Well look who's back. It's me! and it's you. Yes, I've been slacking off on the posts again... (you should see my social calendar... just completely filled) Okay, so I could do better at the writing. How often do you update your blog, anyway? hmmmm? 🙂

I went to do yoga again yesterday (cuz I'm all about trying to fold myself up like a glove-box road map)... and I still like it. I just have to remember not to burn out my back & shoulders lifting weights (insert manly comment here) the day before, cuz there's a lot of 'planking' in yoga. (I'm not a big planker, just so you know.) It's actually relaxing and exciting at the same time. You should go.

I've noticed at yoga and at the gym that I see the same people there all the time. I realize that people are comfortable with schedules and routines, but I've noticed that I'm seeing these same people in other places. I've even ran into one of these people at Walmart (of all places) and , and yes, I actually stopped to talk with them.

concentric circles

concentric circles

And I've written before about how you notice things once you become aware of them (like red cars), so it's not really surprising that I would start seeing people I know once I know more people.

So I started thinking about this, and about the past posts I've done on paths (I should never go back and read old posts... makes me repeat. But you should go read them all the time. Like now.) and on how we are all connected. (wow, there's a mini-summary of everything I've written) And it started me thinking about concentric circles ((great. he's going to start talking about geometry)), and no, I'm not going to start talking about geometry. Well, not much anyway. 🙂

Concentric circles share a common center, axis or origin, and isn't that how we are? Isn't that just us? If you stop and think about it (like I did, thus this post), we are just concentric objects centered around the same purpose, sharing the same origin.

I liked the concentric people idea enough. But I am currently pretty involved in the whole "every possible path" thing (go read the post if you need to...) and felt the need to take it a little farther. Cuz you know how I like to take things too far. 🙂

Fermat's Spiral

Fermat's Spiral

Concentric objects can actually be on the exact same path, or they can be on totally different paths, but if they cross paths, it is just a crossed path; a moment when they are joined.

So how does that explain Lost, or us here (yes, you and me) where the paths kind of merge together? Well, lemme tell you.

There is a geometric shape called a Fermat's Spiral, in which seemingly concentric circles actually spiral inward until they join at the center. (that is not the mathematical description, that is the hathawayian description) Which brings me to the point of this post. (yes, there's a purpose to all that boredom)

So let me speak to all of you one at a time (yes, all 4 of you loyal readers), because it makes the spiral work for the blog (and it's all about making it work for me). We are concentric objects, circling the same origin and quite possibly with the same purpose. Probably we are many circles around many different centers (but let's not get that deep here). But more than that, we are in a spiral... perhaps we have been circling around for quite some time, circling and not even aware that we were. And now we have neared the center of that spiral and are becoming more aware of each other all the time... where will we meet? Yoga? WalMart? Maybe right here is where we meet...

So yes, it's confusing for me too. But talking to you about it clears my head and gives the Lost producers a better way to end the show than blowing everybody into a million pieces or drowning them in a sub (come on guys). And being in this spiral with you makes me happy. And being happy and centered is what yoga is all about (you see how I closed that circle there?) And my favorite yoga position(?) pose(?) place(?)... it's called Happy Dee. And I couldn't do it without you.

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