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April 29, 2010

Did you see that moonrise last night?! Wow, talk about gorgeous! Seeing the moonrise over the mountains like that, with the beautiful Arizona spring weather, well it makes you want to just sit in the porch swing and stare at the sky for a while.

So I did.  Well, I was actually in the car.  And I stared up at that full moon and into an impossibly big sky and started thinking (you should expect that to happen somewhere around the second or third paragraph by now)... and I came up with a few thoughts that I'd like to share.

1. Full moons are better if you have someone to share them with
2. Penguins are cute
3. Werewolves have it right; the full moon can make you crazy
4. Anything is possible

You should be with me on items 1-3 (if not, you can always submit a comment or hit the Contact Dee and let me know... would it kill you to write once in a while? you probably never call your mother either..) So let me talk a little bit about where I get anything is possible out of staring at the night sky.

Have you ever just stared up at all the stars in the sky? I don't necessarily mean when there is a full moon, but more like when there is a new moon. And it's all dark. And you are there on the trampoline or some cool grass or something, just staring in wonder at the night. It seem so vast. So unchanging. So much so that people base their lives by what is written in the stars. "it's written in the stars" indicates the unchangingness (hey, my blog. I'll make up words if I want to). in the end we only regretEven I have my own little horoscope hangups. I get a horoscope feed sent into my newsreader on the ol' smartphone (cuz I am the geekness), but I won't read the horoscope until the next day. Yup. I won't read today's horoscope until today is gone.

((Dee. You're crazy.))

I'm not taking the chance of reading that I'm going to have a bad day and having that get into my skull and causing a bad day. I just think that things happen more because of what we believe than what is set in the stars. We think the stars are fixed in the sky, but they're not. Even "fixed stars" are not. You should by now at least be familiar with my unlimited outcomes theory, in which every possibility exists. That doesn't really play well with making decisions based on how the stars are aligned, when every choice will happen anyway. (and right now you can't decide if I'm deep or full of it)

So how is it that Dee Hathaway knows what to do? Well I'm so glad you asked (cuz it fits so nicely into the post)

I don't. I have no idea what to do. But I do believe that things are going to work out and that things are going to be all right. (because everything is going to be all right) And so far things have worked out and things are all right.

We have to let 'fate' know what direction we want to go. We can do whatever we want to do, all we have to do is make the choice.  With that choice, we choose our own path (our own 'destiny', I suppose).  And the things that are supposed to happen on that path will.  Every choice you have made has led you to where you are now.

It's not as important whether you turn right or left (turn left I say!) as it is that you pick a direction and move. I chart my course based on what I believe to be the right thing. The course that will lead to happiness and health and beauty. I don't spend a lot of time worrying about the mistakes I've made or what future obstacles may appear because:

1. worry brings worry (see the whole success breeds success post from last time)
2. life is about finding joy (rapture, jubilation - sorry...melodrama)
3. you get what you focus on

So focus on the things you want. Focus on success. Focus on me! But mostly, focus on your own happiness. That is what is most important. Sailors chart their course by the stars; chart your course by your heart. And let's travel this path together...

pretty ironic to pick "keeper of the stars" after trashing horoscopes, isn't it?

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Reading this here post reminded me of this song that I heard this afternoon. You've probably already heard it before, but just in case you haven't... I have to pretty much agree with you on the choice thing. Unless you are choosing to do something completely stupid, which is... uh.. STUPID, I don't think it matters what you choose to do, which direction to take. What matters is how you handle the result of your choice. Because I also believe that there are things I need to learn while I'm hangin' out here and no matter which choice I… Read more »

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