More Than I Expected

October 24, 2010

I was sitting here in my comfy little office chair (is it still an office chair if it's not in a office?) listening to some Matchbox 20 and typing vigorously (yes, vigorously) while trying to get my random thoughts to resemble something coherent.. the song ended at around 5 minutes and all was quiet.  But I was  in the zone... I was distracted... I was heavy into being mused and didn't have time to take a break to put on some more music.

Well I just thought the song had ended... it actually has about 3 minutes of no sound before it comes blasting back to life, which scared me just about half to death!

So when the heart calmed down, I sent the paramedics away and realized that I needed to take some of that frantic creating energy and write the post that I've been putting off all week.  (I've been busy?)

Ya.  That's right.  That little story you just sat through isn't even the post!  But keep reading, it'll get better.  (it has to, doesn't it?)

This post takes us all the way back to last Thursday (you remember last Thursday, don't you?  No not this Thursday, the one before.  Ya, that one.  Good memory!)  Well, the house had gotten a little chilly cuz I'd been workin on the new exercise routine, so I just turned the thermostat off.  I ended up spending the night away from home, and evidently while I was gone the A/C decided that since I wasn't going to use it anymore it wasn't going to stick around.  When I came back to turn the A/C on Friday, it just blew hot air at me.

I sweat enough when th A/C is working... you can imagine what happens when it isn't.  Ya.  Not pretty.

Fortunately, the nice guys at Parker & Sons A/C could send somebody out that night.
Unfortunately, I had a previous commitment.  So the A/C guy would come see me on Saturday.

My dilemma at that time was trying to figure out how much money I was willing to shell out at that time to have frigid air.  You see, the last of the quadruple digit temperatures was supposed to be over in a couple of days, and much cooler weather was on the way (ya. heard that one before).  So I decided to set my price limit low and see what happens.

The next morning I get a call from the nice un-hot peeps, and about 30 minutes later a repair truck pulls into the drive way.  Yay!  I took my head out of the freezer and waited impatiently for the ambassador of cool to come to the front door.  And I waited.  and waited.  and took a small nap.  And waited (you kinda see where I'm going with this?)

Finally, the dude gets out of the truck and heads for the front door - and I open it up to watch Fred in his nice stripey shirt and shorts... and a huge knee brace... gimp his way ever-so-slowly to my front door.  Oh, Fred wasn't his real name. His real name is Bill, I just don't want to use his real name in case he doesn't like me posting about him.  Hey, if either you readers out there know Bill/Fred... don't tell him I was talking about him, mkay?

Fred and I chat for a minute about what is now just a big fan on my roof, and he heads back to the truck, gimping like a peg-leg pirate to get the ladder.  He then proceeds to use the ladder as a crutch as he heads around to the back of the house.

And I'm thinking "this guy is about to lean that same ladder against my house and limp up it so he can fall off my roof and ruin his other leg".

Hey Fred!  Can you sign this waiver real quick?

Well, you know how beavers look kinda clumsy and waddly on land but do really well in the water and under logs and stuff?  Well that's kinda how Fred was... gimpy on land but he did just swimmingly with a ladder and a roof!

After about 3 minutes of noodling around with the un-cooler (remember the uncola commercials?  good times), Fred climbed down off the roof and hobbled back to the front door to let me know that my A/C unit didn't love me anymore.  Ya.  I knew that.  Thanks for the news flash.

Long story short (too late, I know), Bill Fred had the tiny, yet pricey, part replaced and it was all cool between me and the heat pump (ha!  get it?  ya.  ok.  moving on).  As I paid Fred for his time and parts and thanked him so much for keeping his cool (he didn't laugh at that, so don't feel like you have to) during the heat of the day, we started chatting about housing and politics and how awesome and fast he was at fixing A/C.

After Fred left with half my paycheck, I started thinking (finally, to the thinking part) about how I he sure turned out to be a whole lot more than I thought when he first walked up.  And about how after all I've been through this year, you'd think I would be a little less judgmental and more inclined to just see what happens. I still would have talked bad about his gimp leg (case in point, this post) hey it's what I do.

There have been so many things in my life lately that have turned out to be completely different, so much better (gooder even), than I ever would have imagined.  Things that I just absolutely was not prepared for, and things that I saw coming and just held still while they washed over me, and some that I pursued with no idea how wonderful they actually could be.

And I think the thing most responsible for all the awesome sauce in my life is... me!  (big surprise there, huh?)   Do you know when you start finding good things?  When you start looking for them.  Do you know when good things come to you?  When you open up your heart and let them find you. Do you know when I think about you?  All the time.  Do you know when people start surprising you with their awesome goodness?  When you let them.  I'm so glad I let them.

And I'm so glad I have you here to share all of this with.  To share my stories (long and full of sidetracks though they may be).  To share my adventures and my days spent just laying around. To share my dreams and  my life.  Let's go find/get/have more good things!

Hey! Is that a beaver?

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