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March 27, 2010

how you doin...

how you doin...

Last night was the opening of the Buckeye Actor's Guild presentation of "Bulldog Saves the Day", in which I play the white-hatted sheriff who wins the heart and hand of the beautiful Ms Broadway. Tonight is the closing. I know, it seems like a pretty short run, but our outstanding cast will have such busy social calendars over the next few months after the agents see what we've done that we wouldn't possibly be able to commit to more performances. (hey, it could happen!)

So I find myself facing a bit of personal drama as this production comes to a close - having spent quite a bit of time with what really is a fascinating mix of talent making new friends and generally having the time of my life, I'm really not looking forward to having it be over.

Bear with me, oh ye with years of stage experience, as I try to work through this.

Formerly a road-warrior, I used to be pretty good at taking on a project for a few months, working it until it was ready to be handed over and moving on without so much as a "I'll keep in touch". (I'm really bad at that keeping in touch thing as evidenced by my sparsely populated blogs). I'm not ready for this one.

Probably the best part of this new experience (for me), is that the melodrama is just playing. Sure there are lines to learn and places you have to stand and people who keep telling you not to drop them (even though you never have) and some very funny names to remember, but if you mess up your lines... it's still funny! (usually funnier)

I'm quite amazed that even at my age I forget how to play; how to pretend. The best thing about pretending is that you can't do it wrong. I feel so very old and wise sometimes (and am usually proven to be at least the first half of that combo) but I am continually reminded of how much there is still for me to do, to experience, to feel and to love.

So thank you attendees, for supporting us and letting us feel your energy. And laughing in all the right places.
Thank you directors, for making us all look so good (or at least trying to convince us we look good).
Thank you techies, for all those things that have to be done so the show can actually be seen.
Thank you Jeanine for casting me in this particular role, which I absolutely love.
Thank you Pat Cook (melodrama author) for writing my name into the play so Jeanine would have to cast me.
and Thank you cast, for putting up with my EGO (that's right, I said it), keeping me humble when I needed it and making me feel like a hero on stage and off.

Here's to you, Buckeye Actor's Guild!  I'll keep in touch.

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