It's That Time Again

January 20, 2011

So... how's your year going so far?  I can't believe it's 3 weeks in already! (and the time between posts just gets longer)

My year is really off to a wonderful start... if things keep going like they are I might just go ahead and buy the whole year!  There's really been too much going on to go back and talk (write, whatever) about it all here, so maybe we'll do a review later.  Those are fun.  (well, they are!)

I know you've been wondering, so let's get the big questions out of the way right up front (list style!!)

The hair is awesome.
You are awesome. (that abe post is still the number one reason people end up on my site)
Penguins are cute.
I am very tan.

Wow.  To look at that list it doesn't seem like there's been a whole lot of change.  I guess most of the change lately has been on the inside (yes, I'm awesome on the inside too, but that's not what I'm here to talk about).

This is where I deleted the internal conversation I just had with myself.  You really should thank me for cutting that part.  🙂

I do still get up and hit the gym almost every morning. And it's still a big motivator for me.  One part of that has changed a little lately though, and it's my ability to just spring out of bed in the morning.  I do like spending time in bed (it's so warm and cozy!)... but it used to be I was up before the alarm and rarin' to go (that's western talk).  I've actually pressed snooze a couple of times lately and even skipped the gym one recent morning ((gasp!)).  I know!!   I can't figure out what my big hairy deal is.

Speaking of Big Harry Deal, just when you thought it was safe to read a post and not see a melodrama reference, it's time for melodrama once again!  (yay!)  It's  good to be back with the BAG (Buckeye Actor's Guild) and reading lines and having fun.  The play is a bit different this year... there's singing.  (be afraid)  I don't have a singing part (again... be thankful), but it's really good to be back and catching up with friends brushing up on the acting skilz.  I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about it in the weeks ahead! (oh stop groaning)

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