It's All About the Hair

April 27, 2010

I decided that it was time for a haircut. I know, I just got a haircut (I try to do that every 10 years or so). The current hair was getting a little too "feathery" and a whole lot too out of control. So I thought maybe a trim, just to take some of the 'flip' off the end.

make me look like this

make me look like this

So I trudge up the road (beautiful day for a drive) to the haircut place (Great Clips, if you must know) where there is a... person who cuts hair... who came highly recommended. And I have my picture of Josh Holloway (if you close one eye and have the sun in the other and squint really hard and use your imagination, I still look nothing like him. But he has really good hair), which I give to the stylist and tell her "I want hair like this", to which she replies "well, you have it already". (OK, these people work for tips, right? Cuz that was awesome). I probably should have just left then.

I explain that yes, my hair is awesome (it's no secret), but it's too feathery and I need it to look more... Sawyerish... and less... Farrah-riffic. No problem, she assures me, have a seat. and the hair starts flying. And there was trimming and razoring and scissoring and a little bit of crying (that was me) and then she said "you're very concerned about your hair, aren't you". What? Me? Evidently I looked pretty nervous. It might have been when she stated that there was sure a lot of hair on the floor that I got nervous.

We chatted about the family and Hawaii and then she said "so... you're Laura's dad?". Well, yes I am (and proud of it). "But you look so young." (OK, these people work for tips, right? Cuz that was awesome). That would have made my day, had it not already been made.

It turns out that I need to use a different "product" in my hair (I don't know how the ladies do it - too many choices) to make it look like I don't do anything with it. Let me get this straight; to make my hair look like I don't do anything with it, I have to put more stuff in it. Uh-huh

It turns out that there was a BUNCH of my hair on the floor. And now I'm bald. OK, so not bald, but the hair is much shorter than I had anticipated... fortunately it really looks the way I wanted it to (albeit a little shorter). Evidently sometimes you have to cut a bunch off to get it to grow out to be what you want. I know this post is long ((yah, we know dee, we've been sleeping for the last 4 paragraphs)), but I have finally gotten to the moral of the story. Which is not (believe it or not) that I have fantastic hair (though we all know it's true).

I started thinking about how sometimes you have to give something up to get something you want... like getting your hair cut a little shorter than you want so that it grow back like you want. Or getting up at 4:30 every morning to go to the gym (giving up sleep to get better health and that finely sculpted body... hey I'm workin' on it)... and then I ran out of examples. I'm not really the give something up to get something else kind of guy. I'm more of a 'set your intention and wait for it to happen' kind of guy. (but that's a different post) Hey.. I got you didn't I?

And the hair looks very good, btw.

There just aren't any really good hair songs.

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