In My Dreams

April 15, 2010

OK. You're not delusional.

And this was an awesome Lost. I took a quick peak on the boards and a lot of people are saying that the writers have lost their minds and the producers are crazy because nobody even understood last night's episode. I feel sorry for people who didn't feel it.

And they blew stuff up! What's not to like about old dynamite?

to liveSo yes, dear stalkers, this post is indeed a continuation of the previous post (cuz I know how much you like to have your belief that I'm crazy reinforced) because I really relate to the story line Lost is following, and although I can't convert it into anything motivational or highly educations (I can barely put it into something comprehensible), I do like to share my ramblings with you.

I guess the continuation part of the post from last time is how dreams tie into all of this. I hope you are one of the people who are lucky enough to have dreams and remember them (and that they are always wonderful and capture my good side). I dream all the time (I don't even limit myself to sleeping while I do) and can remember them most of the time. Off topic: I love flying dreams and occasionally, in just the right circumstance, get that same feeling IRL.

Also off topic: Mini-dachshunds are cute, but I've heard a 'pack' of rabid dachshunds can be rather scary.

Uh, anyway.

You know I have the theory about every possible outcome existing, well it's got to get pretty crowded in the "possibilitysphere", so it makes sense that those could smear into each other. Sometimes it seems to me that the emotions I experience in my dreams are so much stronger, more vivid, that what I experience in life. I wonder if that is because I don't carry all the baggage from this particular line into what I'm doing in my dreams... or is it because I wash over into another line where they really are stronger? I do have moments of that IRL also. Especially lately, it seems. I blame you. 🙂

((Okay, Dee, so let's see you tie all this back in with Lost; you know, the post?))

No problem. The moment I saw you it was like I was hit over the head and all these memories came washing back of my life, only it was another life. (so says Lost) And I'd like to point out that Lost even mentions my 'bizarro alternate universe' (its like they read this blog...they must be that third person). Since this is getting weird, let me finish it up by saying that happens to me sometimes... all these memories come washing back. Memories of things I haven't done or haven't done yet... but I'm pretty sure they happened just the same. (no, I didn't miss my meds). The best part of the show for me was when Hugo's "memory" of it came back also. I wonder how many people are out there not knowing what they're missing or who or what they really are, or could be... just waiting for a crazy blonde (who is not delusional) to touch them and bring it all washing back.

I want to be with you because I like you.

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