In Case of Emergency

August 27, 2011

Have you ever inhaled peanut butter? Well I think I just did, and I gotta tell ya.. it's not a fun time. I've been coughing peanut dust for about 20 minutes. That's not an easy confession for me to make.. I've been eating and breathing for... well let's just say a lot of... years. You'd think I'd have it down by now, but no. I always forget that part about stop breathing, then swallow. I should be an old pro at that by now, but it still leaves me a little jiffy from time to time. (get it... peanut butter... jiffy... wow. tough room)


I picked up a new station on my TV. I don't have dish or cable or satellite or anything like that. I'm such a cheapskate (it's all about the Jack value menu for me!) that I just have an antenna. The upside of that is that I have a lot of HD TV, cuz there really isn't much old school TV left. Ya, my dad was one of those who thought that when he got so lazy that he couldn't have one of the kids change the channel it was time to get rid of the TV. 🙂

(bring it back in, sidetrack-boy. That's my superhero name. I think we all know why... ahem)

Yes. So. The new channel. I've picked up channel 62, which is ABC13 from I don't know where, but it's full coverage of the storm moving up the east coast. OK, the 'hurricane' moving up the east coast.

Don't get me wrong (just get me), I'm sure it's a big deal with the rain and wind and stuff. But I feel really bad for these newscasters. They are doing their best to make this look like it's a really big deal. They've put a reporter out in the wind and rain, and they've had him standing in 3 inches of water and shouting (which really isn't necessary) about how bad the storm is. I mean there are tree branches and pine needles all over the road! (gasp. shock. yawn.)

Right now the reporter is driving down the interstate saying that the most consistent thing they see is that there are not very many cars on the roadway. And they keep flashing back to what is evidently the only roof that has been damaged on the east coast.

I know they just had an earthquake (and the peeps in CA (my recent stop in San Fran made me quite trembly) equate that to what it feels like when a truck drives by), and that the power is out for a few peeps, but watching an interview where someone says "we was just sittin at home watchin' jeppardy when the powr went out.. I turned to Darrel (pronounced DaRell) and I says we needs to git to the shelter!" just really doesn't put the same sympathy in me that New Orleans did.

Oh look. Winds at 30 mph. 😐

So as I've been sitting here watching the coverage (cuz I'm just.that.bored.), I'm reminded of some dreams that I had when I was young(er). I used to have some very real dreams about disaster. Nuclear bomb, airplane crash... stuff like that. And as I do watch the people in the shelter talk about why they went to said shelter, I think about what I would do in a disaster. Or really bad rainfall, as the case may be.

The big deal for me right now is that, should disaster strike, I might not be able to get to the people that mean the most to me. That I might not be able to get to my girls.

I've played the scenario out a few times, cuz I'm morbid like that. I know how to survive. I can hunt and gather and build a fort (especially if I have enough sheets!), but my big concern is taking care of those I love. And being with the people who make my life worth living. I think about Will Smith in "I Am Legend" and I marvel and how he was able to just keep going. Alone. I know you all can take care of yourselves... just look how strong you've become! But I don't want to face disaster alone. (that's SO weird for me!!!) I used to think that there would be nothing better than for me to be on the show "Lost", but as the sole survivor. Not so much anymore. (must be the excessive heat... I should take a cold shower) Some things do change!

And so, rather than my usual "let's make a deal" here, let me pose this question. What would you do if the worst should happen? I know that the east coast has turned into a monsoon-type storm... 😐 but what if something really happened?

Oh. btw. If you're not from the nor'east... you shouldn't use the term "nor'easter". Just sayin.

I have my emergency evacuation plan. It involves a fast car, a pillow, a laptop and you. What would you do?

To help, here are 2 (yes, two!) songs.


and... I know this was posted at one time, cuz I remember the comments about it. Evidently it was from when I (foolishly) deleted posts after a few days. Who had the idea to read and delete anyway???

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