I'll Have the Usual

September 20, 2015

I woke up this morning and made my way down to the gym. No really! Then i peeked in the window of the gym and saw that there is still no actual gym equipment in the gym (say gym again).


As I stood there staring longingly through the window at the shiny floors and severe lack of treadmills, the only thing that was running were the few thoughts running through my head...

1. Anytime Fitness isn't going to be open when they said there were going to be open. :-/
2. I need to stop using the gym not being open as an excuse to not get my lazy but off the couch.
3. I still like making lists.

And then the thoughts took off and I couldn't keep up. (Even my brain is out of shape!)

If you've been a long-time follower of Le Blog a la Hathaway (and you can't be a short-time follower cuz I haven't posted in like years), then you remember a time when most of my ramblings started out much as this one did; with a story about my trip to the gym. (keep reading, this post has unique content) It was my 'thing'... My daily trip to the gym. My routine. (don't even try to bring up that my routine used to include posting on here... I already thought of that)

3c7b381db783d4f7037b810306c454deFor the past year and a half or so, I haven't really had much of a routine. It's tough to get into a regular workflow when you aren't working, and hardly even flowing. I had my school phase and my job hunt phase that were moderately organized, but it's really tough to get settled in when you know you won't be staying. In my young(er) days, I never thought about routine or habits or the comfort that comes with knowing where you're gonna be in a year or six months or six days. The joys of being young and bulletproof. But the more unyounger I get, the more I look for those routines... for things I can count on. (And I'm mostly sure it's not just my OCD looking for patterns.)

It occurs to me that everybody loves going on vacation. Even if vacation wears you out, you love going on vacation. It's the break in the routine, a new place, a new adventure. But the only thing that you love more than going on vacation is being back home. Some of us refer to it as the HBA... Home Bathroom Advantage. 🙂 But it's merely the familiarity of being in a place where you know where things are. Where the things that are there are your things. And the people that are there are your people. Well, when you're in transition (the new PC term for job-hunting), you don't have the security of knowing where you're going to be in a year or six months or six days (is it redundant in here?). And you miss it. And even though you know it's not true, it's easy to think that you're in a permanent state of "things will never be the same again".

I was walking up the hill from the parking lot to the office the other day and started seeing things that made me realize that even though things will never be the same as they were, they can be the same as they are, and I'm very okay with that. It's good to have the feeling that things that are familiar to me again. That I know I have a place where I'm valued and connected and where I can count on certain things happening at certain times. And sometimes all I have to do is be there.

When I pull into my parking spot (yes, the same one almost every day), there's the cute little couple going for their morning walk down the path that runs under the bridge. As I walk up to the intersection, pony-tail guy (that used to be my name) pushes the crosswalk button for his way and mine, and then gives me that 'I got you covered, bro' nod before stepping off on his way. And then halfway up the hill, I pass the nice lady with her cane and shopping bag coming down the hill. At least I think she's nice... Let's just go with the thought that she is. And then at the end of the day, there's the smile that my gorgeous wife shoots me from the garage as she looks up from whatever it is she's painting that day. 🙂

And it occurred to me (there's a lot of occurring going on in this post today) that not only are these people part of my routine, but I am part of theirs as well. I just love it when there's an "it's great big universe and a very small world" moment.

So where am I going with this? Well, I think it's right here: let's take the time to appreciate all the adventures and the unknown (but let's not go all crazy about it like I've done for the past 18 months), for it's the adventures that make life exciting and help us grow. But let's also take time to revel in the routine... to appreciate the in-between moments, the people that we pass on the street every day, the same traffic on the same road, the neighbor mowing their yard (great... now I have to go mow mine!). Cuz although adventure makes life exciting, the everyday routine is what makes life. And I like our life!

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