I Gotta Go

October 8, 2010

Hey guess what I did today?

Give up? Lemme script it out for you...

You: Well, let's see. It's Friday, so it must be yoga.

Ding! We have a winner! I do tend try to make the Friday morning yoga part of the routine. Lately my routine has been shaken a little bit, and I did miss last week. Musta had some good reason, cuz I do like the focus and centering and intentioning.

I got to yoga a little bit early today. I like to pick my spot in the back (cuz I'm shy like that) and in the center (cuz I do like being the center of intention). Wait... what?

On the way in, there was a new face who actually got there before me... actually the entire person was there, not just the face. N E way. This person said "Oh here's a smart man". I said "well, yes I am. But what makes you think so?"

And we chatted briefly about what good exercise yoga is, and how its not all putting your elbow in your ear (some of it is putting the back of your knee against your ear) and that most guys shy away from it. And it's true... I'm usually the only male there.

But not today. There was another male there (gasp! competition!!). In fact, there were very few of the usual crowd there today.

The class went along quite smoothly (started on time, ended on time... I know!) and I was able to keep up with ALL of the poses (yay!) But what I really want to talk about (finally) is the last part of the class. You know, where we lie on our backs, and just focus on our intention and our purpose and our thought for the week/weekend/decade.

As I was laying there, supposedly focusing on my breath, the instructor/yoga guru/contortionist was talking the class through what is supposedly the most important part of the class. Just laying on the matt, releasing, relaxing, letting go. And I realized a few things right there. (you know I love my lists)

  • We all would do so much better to just let go (thank you David Choi!)
  • The air conditioning in that room doesn't really kick on until about the end of class, when you're already cooled down.
  • I need to remember to make a potty stop before class. Phrases like "release, relax, just let go" do not help when ya gotta go!

Now when I started writing this, that was gonna be the end of the post, just a simple little story. But you know I just kinda make this stuff up as I go along. But there will be one thing different in this post. I'm not gonna make any deals. You just lay there and relax. Gather your strength. Recover.

As for me, I'm going to do a better job of just letting go. Yes, I believe that the path we take is due to the direction we turn ourselves. And very much to the destination we have set. (see any previous post) But sometimes I forget that I don't control everything. (I know! It doesn't seem fair to me either!) And I need to just let the things that need to happen... happen.  and trust that they will.

So here's what I'm going to do. And what I'm not going to do. I'm going to focus on the things that I want, and not worry so much abou the things that I know I can't control. I'm going to trust that things roll my way, and that the universe/God/superman gives me the things that I want (cuz I always get what I want) in due time, and not worry so much about the when or how, but more on the 'done'.

Like using a GPS, I will program the destination, the outcome, the place I want to be, and the GPS/universe/destiny/David Choi can figure out the route. I'm going to do a better job at enjoying the view, at feeling the wind in my fabulous hair.  I'll hit that finish line soon enough. I'll see you there!

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