I Got This Covered

September 26, 2010

I went to IKEA today (why do they make that all caps? what does it stand for? I Know Everything's Alright... ya. I got nothing.)

Ya know, whatever This is that gets me all sidetracked, (I blame my distraction) it's quite progressive, cuz I didn't even make it past the first sentence before I went sideways this time. Does it seem I'm constantly roaming/traveling?

Anyway.... I went to IKEA today. And yesterday. And the day before. Did I go the day before? I think I might have. Holy crap! You know what? maybe I should just tell you what days this past week I DIDN'T go to IKEA. that'd be a much shorter post.

Today at IKEA, I bought a comforter... and a cover for the comforter. Here in the states, when we buy a comforter (which is actually made in China), it's enough to buy the comforter. the best feelings are those that have no words to describe themIt's a set usually with 124 different pieces all already assembled (by 9 year old Chinese kids - end of political rant) and it's a set. In Sweden (AKA Tempe), you buy the comforter and then get a cover for it. With matching pillowcases (ooooh, aaaahhhh). I know. Very splifty.

Well that's kinda cool. You can just switch covers on the comforter. It's like a different bed, cuz it's a different look. but it's the same bed, just with a better outlook... with different skin. Hey! Wake up!

Oh! speaking of skin... I'm getting so tan!  You can be jealous, it's ok. I'm gonna change my name to TanMan. You'll never be as tan as TanMan.

(bring it back, hathaway)

The first thing you do when you get a new comforter and cover, is put the cover on the comforter. OK, the first thing you do is wash the comforter and cover.. THEN you put the cover on the comforter.

That sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? And for some of you I'm sure it would be simple and straight-forward and you'd have it done in 3 minutes and be laying on said cover and comforter watching Grey's Anatomy. Ya, well, this post is about me (mostly, maybe a little about you) and I prefer to make every experience a learning experience.  Or a lesson.  Or something.

The cover has an opening at the top, just a little snappy thingy, and normally I'm pretty good with the unclasping and accessing, but this one was a little tricky.  (bear with me, the story does get entertaining...)  I got the snaps undone, and figured the best way to get the comforter in the cover was just kinda stuff it in there.  I figured if I could get it in there, I could kinda work the corners and get everything moving smoothly.

So I crammed the comforter in there, and grabbed the bottom corners and worked them out to where they lined up with the cover, and shook the whole thing out.  it shoulda worked.  It worked SO well in my mind, and so not well IRL.

So you know what I decided?  This is the part where you might just shake your head and say you're never coming back to deehathaway again.

I figured I could do a little spelunking.  I would go inside the cover and spread the comforter out from the inside. Oh ya. I am a man, and I have a plan.

So, picture if you will... me fully inside of the cover with just the feet hanging out of the opening, trying to get all 4 corners of the comforter to line up with all 4 corners of the cover.  Left. Right. Left. Forward. Far corner. Near corner.... I had it all going on!  I was doing everything except succeeding.

So I went through my second birth and exited the cover through the tiny opening realizing that I might have just approached this all in the wrong way. (I CAN admit when I'm wrong... it's just hard because it doesn't happen very often.. 🙂   ) So I pulled the comforter out of the cover to start over.  Sometimes you just gotta go in a different direction.

I decided maybe I should spread out the comforter, and then put the cover on top... just in case I bought a King size comforter and a single size cover (just cuz it was just working out that well) :-/

It turns out that the snaps at the top of the cover are actually the snaps on the SIDE of the cover.  :-/  So for the past 1/2 hour I'd been inside of the bedding burrito trying to stuff all the cheese and lettuce and fluffy goodness into a shell that it could not possibly fit in.

I then put the comforter into the cover, using what some people would refer to as 'the right way' and you know what? (of course you do) Instant success.  And with that immediate success came the immediate feeling of failure.  I just did in 3 minutes, after proper analysis and planning, what I could not do in 30 minutes of cramming and prodding and coaxing and.. well, more than a little cursing.

Mmaybe if you had been here I wouldn't have had such trouble. Of course, maybe if you'd been here, there would have been photos to go along with the story.... hmmmm... maybe I'm glad you weren't here for that!!!

As I shook the comforter and cover into place (so easy when you do it the right way) I started thinking (you knew it was coming.. admit it!! you were waiting for it!!!) about how sometimes we just try to cram the things we want into place, when what we really need to do is just relax and make sure things line up (sometimes they line up so perfectly if we just let it happen)how you land and let things fit as they should.

I thought maybe there was a lesson on alignment.  On being aware when things go a little sideways, that sometimes all we have to do is find an opening to get everything back on track.  It's hard for me to find a lesson to give, because things are just rolling so perfectly right now.  But I can say this; sometimes a little re-evaluation of our lives is in order.  Sometimes we need to look at the situation that we're in to see if there is a better way, to make sure that the life we are living on the outside lines up with the person that we are on the inside. Know that I am always here to look at the reason, the what-ifs, the possibilities.  Lets get out of situations that don't work (no matter how involved we get and how wrapped up we are in trying to make it fit, how much time we've spent ) and look for what's right instead of what is.   The things that go together (like you and me!) will line up when they are supposed to... if we let them.  (Just let them!)  We just need to make sure we're facing the right direction.  The same direction as meant to be.

So the comforter and cover and I have all made friends, and we will sleep very snugly and soundly tonight and think of you, and hope that you enjoyed this story a whole lot more than I enjoyed living it!!!!  Let's go to bed.


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