Let's Make a Life Together

April 8, 2010

After yesterday's post, I spent quite a bit of time in discussion with myself over the whole concept of what it is that makes us into us. After that conversation, I reached a few conclusions:

  1. miniature dachshunds and penguins are very cute
  2. I need to quit talking to myself

So.. we all got the be you and be in the moment thing (I hope); I wanted to get myself in more trouble today by talking a little bit about those moments (does anybody really believe that I'm only going to talk a little bit?).

daysDo you remember where you were when the shuttle blew up? (any/all of them) I do for each one.

Do you remember what you were doing when the towers went down? I was fixing the brakes on my RV at a horse farm in Kentucky. (really? a horse farm?)

How about the Berlin wall?

My birthday?

History is full of important dates and events like these, the July 4/911 kind of days, where you will always remember where you were. Recalled without any hesitation. Like the Melodrama! (I knew you hadn't heard about it in a least a couple of days and I had to remind you that I was in it.)

Now think about the times that have thrilled you, that have been important to you because it made you who you are (didn't we cover that yesterday?), not because of how it changed the world around you.  The stories that you tell yourself when you want to be reminded of how happy you can be. You might not remember where you were or what day it was, but I'll bet you remember who you were with. You might not remember the questions from the exam you failed, but I'll bet you remember what you were doing the night before when you should have been studying. (does your mother know about that?)

This, I think, is the difference between a history and a life. We tend to associate the things that actually make us who we are not with dates or places, but with the people who are important to us, even if we didn't know they were important to us at the time. History is made of big events; lives are made of seemingly small, silly things. (like me!) The things that we will remember the strongest, the ones that bind to us emotionally and embed themselves in our hearts as well as our minds are the ones made with love and the connection we have with each other.

So what's the point?  (Same as always; there's a point) (it's where I am right now... ) lets make a life by going out and getting ourselves a whole bunch of small, silly, seemingly insignificant experiences.  We can do that much together, yes?

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