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October 3, 2010

I was at the gym the other day

Wait.. don't go anywhere... this is a new post. It's not a repeat or a 'best of' (if there could be a 'best of' what I try to pass off as blogging)... it's just that I really do spend that much time at the gym.

Where were we? Oh ya... I was at the gym the other day, on the elliptical (where I usually start my day). One of the regular gym fanatics was there on the treadmill... treading? This particular guy is in pretty decent shape, and I'm pretty sure he has a thing going on with one of the regularettes, if you know what I mean (wink wink).

There's nothing particularly unusual about someone being on the treadmill, but I noticed that this in-shape flirty older dude was treading away and a gimpy older guy came and limped his way on to the treadmill next to Mr. Flirty. you never leave my mindAnd then a really... shapely (round IS a shape) gentleman got on the treadmill on the other side of ThingGoingOnMan. And for just a second I thought that it was kinda sad for that guy to have the two... not so fit people surround him and throw off his groove. (yes, I'm a fitness snob)

And as I thought about it for a minute, I thought how that really must work for the fit guy. That it makes him look that much better to be in such good shape (comparatively speaking) and have the not-so-good-shape people around him.

And then I started wondering how I look compared to the people around me.. am I the flirty in-shape guy or the round/gimpy guy?!?! Let's not spend any more time thinking about that. (who started talking about this anyway!)

Speaking of time, I've been spending quite a bit of it on the stairs at the gym... and it's kicking my butt! I guess you couldn't really call it quite a bit of time... its more like 10 minutes. On level 8, btw. It's funny how in some cases 5 minutes seems to carry on for 20 minutes (or 45 or an hour), and sometimes an hour seems like 5 minutes (okay.. already did that post. bring it back, hathaway) but I have no problem sticking to the time on the stairs. hmmm

If you haven't done the stairs... 10 minutes is just about forever. And, you may not know this about me, but I tend to work up a sweat fairly easily.  I sweat more on the stairs than almost anywhere.  It's the one place where I can drip without fear. 🙂 My favorite part of the stairs is the end (when it's over!) and the machine says "Goal Attained". I really like that part.

When I saw that for the first time, I started thinking about how that phrase plays into our lives (if you didn't see that coming you're either new here or it's been longer since I last posted than I thought). And I came up with a few thoughts that I'd like to share.

  • My legs are tan. I mean really tan. No whiteness anywhere.  It's awesome.
  • People who kick my trash on the stairs don't really have that much to brag about.
  • Penguins are adorable.
  • Penguins probably don't tan very well.

Hey, I never said the thoughts would have anything to do with the rest of the post... but I was thinking about what the machine was telling me. And I started thinking about paths and destinations and circles and goals. moving onMy goal is to be the stair-master, to be able to climb mountains and not have to wait breathlessly on top while a frail girl who out-climbed me calls the helicopter to rescue me. But my immediate goal, the steps I'm taking (heh... heh.. get it. stair-climbing... steps I'm taking. oh shut up and keep reading) are what will get me to the ultimate goal. to the top of the mountain.

And so it is in our paths. in our lives. It'd be so much easier to just know how it's all going to turn out, to just be at the top of the mountain. But I think there's a lot to be said for the steps along the way, for the surprises that show up and make us laugh, make us cry,maybe embarrass us a little bit, but certainly let us know we are alive.  For hitting those milestones and markers as we travel. One big success is awesome, but wouldn't it be better to have a whole bunch of little successes along the way? You can still have the celebration at the top, btw. 🙂

So as we travel this path that we're on, let's not be so focused on the destination that we lose sight of all the pretty things along the way. Or how lucky we are to be able to travel this path at all... how each level we get to needs to be remembered and celebrated for the awesome achievement that it is. So let's make sure that we enjoy the journey, that we travel with abandon and excitement.  That we don't get so wound up in the goal that we don't stop and check out the world's biggest ball of twine.  Take a rest.  Breathe deep.  (and for heaven's sake turn down the AC before I sweat all over everything!)  Find your center.  We'll get to that 'Goal Attained'... we just need to keep believing and wanting and working (and yes, working up a sweat) and celebrating. and we'll get there together!


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You and your gym-mania have me all excited and motivated.
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