Falling for You

May 30, 2010

Yes I know it's been another week between posts (another week! what the crap) well it's not because I haven't been thinking about you. And it's not because I haven't had anything to say. Yah, I don't really have any reasons, so let's just move on with the post, mkay?

I went to the gym this morning (no. what a big surprise) and had a fantastic workout! You should have been there - the place was deserted. It was just me and the music (my own playlist, I can't stand the music at the gym) and a few other fitness fanatics - pretty much the same people I see there everyday.

Anyhoo, there is this cool little move that I do on the treadmill when I'm done running. I hit the stop button and let the belt carry me off the back of the machine and kind of plop gently to the floor. I tell myself that it looks smooth (cuz if I didn't think I look good, who would?) and it's just fun to do. That move works out pretty well if I'm actually in the cool-down phase. (Usually I run last, so I do a walk at the end to cool down.)embrace insanity Rolling off the back of the treadmill is a whole different experience when you hit the stop from a full run than when walking. It turns out there is a big difference in the way you ride the belt when you are going 6 mph versus 2.8 mph. Big.difference. (big)

So today I hit that stop button and instead of gliding smoothly back of the end, I flew back. It didn't look smooth. Especially when the arms started flying spasmodically in all directions and I was thrown to the floor. Okay, I wasn't really thrown to the floor, but it was pretty darned close. There was a certain amount of hopping and frantic grabbing for something to keep my head above my... shoulders (ya, that's a safe word). I didn't even bother to look around to see if anybody saw my gracefulness; that's just how cool I am. (good things I had headphones on so I couldn't hear the laughter)

As I sat on the bike, pedaling my pride back into existence, I started thinking about what lessons could be learned from that experience, and I came up with a bit of a list (you knew that was going to happen at some point, right?)
1. I need to pay more attention
2. It's good to be ridiculous  (and I take that to the extreme sometimes)
3. Penguins are very cute, but probably shouldn't be at the gym
4. You are awesome, and I'm glad you didn't see me fly off the back of the treadmill

So most of that doesn't really qualify as a life lesson (okay, probably none of that), but it did get me thinking (yes, it happens in every post). I know I talk a lot about rules and paths and intentions, and I'm living proof that those things work. I don't know if you are aware (and if you aren't, you haven't been paying attention), but I have had a most fabulous time as of late. My distraction has become my intention and I have made it a part of my everyday life.  And it works so well for me!

But there is one important thing that I feel I should discuss at this time, and that is maintaining a sense of humor, especially when it comes to me. I have done some absolutely stupid things, and I assure you I will do many more (it's the way I am).   And I will embrace my own stupidity, because it is what makes me who I am. And anything that I have done to get me where I am today is absolutely worth it.

I think too often people take themselves way too seriously (not us, but some people) and forget that life is about the journey, not the destination. I've seen people get so wrapped up in getting ahead, in making sure their well thought-out plans are right on track that they forget to have any fun. And soon they find themselves unable play. (I like playtime) I always say (okay, not always, but at least once in a while), if you can't laugh at yourself, I'm more than willing to do it for you!

So as we continue on this journey together, as we write the next chapters of our story, let's make sure to keep the laughter and silliness... I love that part.  Let's go for car rides and stick our hands out the window to fly them on the air. Let's call each other silly names and get dizzy on the swingset. Let's not be afraid to make faces or tell funny stories.  I promise to always do things that will make you laugh, whether it be with me or at me. Cuz I love to hear you laugh.  It's the way I am.

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