Dude, Where's My Car(t)?

June 8, 2013

So I'm back in the frozen foods section, looking for my latest made-from-scratch meal (hey, when I sign my name on the credit card machine, it looks kinda like scratching). I settled on the garlic chicken vegetable medley (yum) cuz it goes so well with the Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake I'd already picked for dessert (don't judge me), and after grabbing my selection from the freezer, turned around and put it in the

wait... what?

Dude, where's my cart?

confusedYou know that feeling when you've just pulled into a parking spot and then the car beside you starts backing out and you feel like you're still moving and you know you're not and you feel all dizzy and lost and end up writing a really long run-on sentence about it on your blog? Well it was just like that! I started to question whether I'd mistakenly left my cart on another row or been magically transported to a different dimension where carts drift in and out of existence.

I looked around in panic, and secretly hoped nobody would notice my confusion and have me commited, and spotted my cart (I recognized it by the horrible lack of nutritious items in the basket) being whisked away by someone else. Awkwaaaard.

What do you do in a situation like that? I figured I had just a few options...

  1. Leg sweep him. (well, it is the Buckeye Walmart)
  2. Let him go and follow him around while taping him with my phone until he notices he has the wrong cart, then post the resulting hilarious video online and become a youtube sensation (ain't nobody got time for that!)
  3. Leave. (not without my potato chips!)
  4. Let him know he has the wrong cart. (not my favorite choice, as I'd actually have to talk to him.  I am a Hathaway, you know.)

You were thereI went with option 4. I quickly strode (can you slowly strode?) up beside him and said "Dude, that's my cart." Cuz I'm magical with words like that. He looked at me. Then at the cart. Then at me. Then we both looked at the cart again (I could tell he was judging my choices) and then I found out what my face looks like when that whole parking thing we just talked about happens. O_o

I know you're just dying to know why someone would grab my yum-yum filled cart... well I'm about to tell you.  (be patient!)

His cart was about half-way down the aisle. He'd evidently just wandered back to get his own garlic chicken and got a little mixed up.  It happens.  And I relayed that message as he was walking back to his cart.  He told me he was so terribly sorry (that's more fun if you read it with an English accent) and what did I say?  Oh ya... you know THAT"S why you're still reading.

I said... "been there."  No, seriously.  I lied to the man just like that.  Pretty sure he didn't buy it.  You know I'm blonde.  You know I do stupid things (I told you I would right up front).  But I need you to know that

1. I'm not a liar
b. I've never mistakenly taken someone else's cart.

So what would prompt me to say such a thing?

Sidetrack!!  You gotta see > this! < click it!!!  I'll wait...

Now THAT was funny! (hey, there has to be something amusing on this blog.)  🙂

Anyway... the more I thought about it, the less I felt like my stupid brain had said something I didn't mean. True, I hadn't stolen a cart before, but I'd certainly done my share of embarrassing things.  Ok... way more than my share.  So that got me thinking (yes, I still do that from time to time).  It got me thinking about how we all like to feel like we belong,.. like we're not alone.  How when we're going through some very tough times, it helps to know that others have been through what we have and survived.  It helps to know that there are those who have been just as stupid/stuck/stubborn as we are and made it through despite themselves.

And sometimes, maybe even when you're in the frozen foods section, it's nice to be able to show those who are now where you've been that you know what they're going through.  And to let them know that they can make it.  Because you've been there.  And you're still here.  We're still here.

Take Luck!

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Dude! I've done that. I took someone else's cart for a joy ride down the cookies/soda isle and into the pet food section. Then I realized that I don't usually buy diapers... at least not yet...ummmmm. Yeah. The poor woman who was following behind me trying to get her cart back without angering the obviously crazy person (me)was pretty relieved when I noticed my mistake and handed over the cart without hurting her. So I can say "Been there!" and mean it.

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