Call Me Superstitious

May 29, 2011

OK. Don't really. Cuz I'm not.

This is gonna seem really weird (have you met me?).. but I fired up and logged into the ol' lappytoppy this morning and there was a page on Tourette's syndrome open (I usually put it to sleep instead of shutting down cuz I'm always in the middle of sumthin) . It was a discussion forum and I was all like "what the crap Hathaway? You've GOT to stop eating spicy food at night". It was really freaking me out.

So I hit the back button to find out what I was looking for to land on such a page... and it turns out I was googling a quote from Hook.. "I've had an apostrophe" and landed on a support forum page where someone had that little exchange from Hook in their signature block. It was on page one for the search.. Google is a crazy beast. Here's the quote, in case you're about to google it yourself... (although I like it very much when you Google stuff)

Smee: I've just had an apostrophe.
Captain Hook: I think you mean an epiphany.
Smee: No... lightning has just struck my brain.
Captain Hook: Well, that must hurt.

OK... back to superstitious (yes, distracted before the post even began!).

I don't consider myself to be a superstitious person. I think it's bad luck to be superstitious. 🙂 (Hahaha! oh I slay me! Well at least I find me amusing.)

Friday the 13th? Just another payday/day off. (love the 4 day workweek!)
Black cat crossing my path? Kitty!!!!
Broken Mirror? OK, that just sucks. Cuz those things shatter into the tiniest little pieces. But it's 7 minutes of bad luck, while you clean it up, at the most.

So what inspires today's rant, you ask? (go ahead.. ask). Well for one, it's you my muse. my distraction. my friend. Ya, it's pretty amazing how many things throughout the day make me think "that should be a post" and yet never make it.

The other inspiration is a bug. You read that right. A bug. Well, two bugs to be more precise.

I was playing doctor today (simmer down.. just tree doctor) and transplanting some plants who had outgrown their pots. I was washing the dirt out of the old pots using the hose over by the side of the house... you know; the one by the Christmas tree I still haven't gotten rid of. :-/

N.E.who... I was washing out the older, smaller planter and felt a creepy crawly on my wrist. I looked down and found not one, but two little praying mantises (manti? maniti? mantoose?) gotta Google something again... brb.

"The plural of praying mantis (not preying mantis) is praying mantids, mantes or mantises."

So there were two praying mantises on my hand. And I thought how it must be such good luck to have one praying mantis on your hand (they make MUCH better roommates than crickets, btw... always with the praying instead of the chirping) but to have two??? Double lucky. I'm such a lucky guy!

And I started thinking (surely you're expecting that after all this time. Crap! I've become predictable! wait.. let's call it something you can count on, mkay?) about how I view luck. Luck is nothing more than what you believe is going to happen. Yes, I'm one of those who think we make our own luck.

Remember Hee-Haw? If if werent' for bad luck I'd have no luck at all... (you know you're singing it!) Yah, I don't buy that. If it weren't for good luck, I'd have no luck at all.

I watched Caddyshack yesterday, and the quote from Chevy Chase (who once was funny. no really, he was!) comes to fingertips... "there's a force in this universe that makes things happen, and all you need to do is get in touch with it. Close your eyes, find your center, the ball"

And I say it's so true... and it extends way beyond the golf ball. It goes for life too. We make our own luck. Good or bad, we draw to us the things about which we think we are worthy. So take a look at yourself right now (yes, I said now!). It doesn't matter if you're in a huge house with a great view or living in your parents' spare bedroom... the way your life is heading is the way that you believe your life is heading. When you follow a GPS (I love the GPS) you don't just turn it on and go wherever is says (cuz it really sucks at finding a random location). You don't go where the GPS tells you to; you tell the GPS where you want to go and it tells you how to get there. According to Your preferences.

So let's make this deal now. And this time it's more than a deal. It's a guarantee. Let's let all of our luck be good luck. Let's let all of our intentions lead us down the path we want. the path we choose. according to the options we want. You and me... we're gonna be okay. Let's tell the universe/planets/superman where we want to go and let it/them help us get there... but never leave it up to anyone else where we end up. Ours is to decide where we want to be.. the route is optional according to our options... what we want to see... how much time we're willing to spend on the journey. (I prefer back roads and frequent stops to dance) The path is the adventure. But the destination is our choice. I choose happiness. and Love. And Beauty. And You.

I'm lucky like that.

Evidently I'm in a heavy metal mood today...

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