But I Still Have Checks Left!

April 1, 2010

I can't be out of  money... I still have checks left! Yeah, it's an old joke, but you know what?  It is not just a stupid joke (but mostly, it's a stupid joke);  I know!  I was as surprised as you are now.

I have found a whole lot of surprises such as this lately.  For one, this is going to be an extremely short post (gasp).  I think I can get pretty much directly to the point.  In fact, I've spent a bit of time figuring out how to tell a story about it and this little paragraph here is the best I have come up with (act like it's fantastic; it'll help my ego)!

I've been having a pretty fantastic time lately (have you noticed?) between some things at work going really well, the melodrama (yes, that again), you (yes, you) and this blog and whatever this other... distraction is that is going on, this big guy has found that the whole 'still have checks left' applies to a lot of different areas in real life (irl, LOL, and other geeky acronyms).

Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting what is involved in the work I do to a great group of people. (fantastic questions, peeps) At the end of the presentation I found myself thinking "I can't be out of slides; I still have points to make!"  (get it... SLIDES... powerPOINT... yeah, well, it worked for me)

I always run out of bacon before I run out of the need for bacon. (bacon, I loveded you!)  After the melodrama (yes, that again); I knew that I couldn't be out of performances, I still had acting to do.  And (this hasn't happened in a while) at the end of the day yesterday I wasn't ready to go home because I still had work to do!  Most of the time I can go with "I'm not ready for you to stop reading, I still have ridiculous posts to write!"

I guess the point is (finally, there's a point!) we are seldom ready for the things that we enjoy to come to an end.  But that's okay, because it's been my experience that there's always something else about to happen that we won't want to have end just as much.  It's our lot as humans to always want more than we can have; reach for the stars; if you will - it's what separates us from the animals.  That and text messaging.

I can't be out of road... I still have text messages left to send! 🙂

and of course, here's your song...

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