Are You Ready...

April 16, 2010

Well hello there! What's that? Well, yes... as a matter of fact I am on the lake right now (if you are any kind of stalker at all you know that). Not anywhere near a computer (we all know that I always have to be near a computer at all times). Okay, you got me... I have at least one computer with me. But through the magic of the interwebs, my great foresight and scheduled publishing, I can send this out when I'm not around, knowing that I'll be missing all of you out there (and, admit it... you miss me too!)

when you want something youve never hadSo for today's post, I'm going to cover something that I think I have covered before (no, it's not the melodrama). I think that's kind of fitting, considering that I'm writing this a couple of days before I'm posting it... (so stealthy) So you ready? You really need to be ready. If you're not ready... I'm going to continue anyway.

And that is the topic of today's post. Being ready. As a long time Project Management Professional (that's right, I'm a PMP), being ready and prepared and having everything planned up front has been a way of business for me. But I have discovered lately that there might be a lot of roses that I'm missing along the way by waiting until I'm ready to do something. I think writing here every day has certainly helped and, not to go to the melodrama ((then why do I?)), but if I waited until I was ready to go on stage or do half the crazy things I did there, none of it (and probably none of this would have happened).

So what I'm saying is I have recently learned to stop worrying so much about being 'ready', and go ahead and move when the time seems right. So many times lately I've had to just sit back and admit that I don't know what I'm doing anyway, but I'd rather take the chance and lose than sit back and never know. (it tends to work out for me rather well, btw)

So go ahead and take that left turn & see where it takes you. If nothing else, you'll be surprised. But it's gonna be worth it (I feel it). Ready is overrated.

Are you ready? Let's go anyway!

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