Are You Lost?

March 24, 2010

SPOILER ALERT! This post refers to Lost, Season 6, Episode 9. If you watch Lost and haven't seen this episode, go catch up and then come read this!

I want my 60 minutes back.  Keep in mind that I don't watch TV live, so I want back the 45 minutes of show plus the time spent regretting watching this episode.  If I had to rate my least favorite episodes of Lost, this would rank as the top 5.  Yup, 1 - 5 in one show.  I liked the part with Hurley (mostly), but otherwise would have rather experienced the removal of a worthless organ like appendix or paying taxes or some other worthless endeavor during the rest of it.  OK, maybe not quite that extreme, but you know what I mean.

Being the optimist that I am (no really), I did manage to gather a few lessons from the show.  Before I get started on those, let me send a message to the Lost writers (cuz we all know how they hang on my every word and craft events based on my desires).

  1. Stop it.  You messed up John.  We all liked him and now he is just creepy.
  2. Don't screw it up with Hurley.  We all like him.  Keep it that way.  Don't turn him into John Jr.
  3. Get back to Sawyer & Freckles - that's the only reason chicks watch the show anyway.  OK so it's just Sawyer, but she makes him more interesting.

    yeah... this is a pretty terrible place to be

    yeah... this is a pretty terrible place to be

Now then.  The part that really bugs me about Lost, in particular this episode but overall the whole speculation behind what they are doing on the island is the premise that they have all died and are in he!! (I'd spell it out but don't want to be first in the search engines for the actual word).  I've been through he!! (or at least a whole lot closer to it than what they show on this series) and I can tell you that this ain't it, buster.

The real lesson (finally) is that we all have the power to create our own he!! or our own heaven.  Our good times and our bad time are really up to us.  It's more than just the choices that we have made that lead us down the paths we are on and into our own imagined purgatories or shiny places; it's the attitudes that we have about the situations in which we find ourselves.

I don't want to get all 'law of intention' on you here (I'll do that later), but your outlook has a whole lot more with what is going on within you than what is going on around  you.   And it has everything to do with your current situation.  YOU create your own situations!

They're all in freakin' Hawaii after all... Is there anybody on that island who really has it that bad?

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