An Executive Decision

August 16, 2010

Hi... you! Does it seem like forever since I've written? Or does it seem more like a couple of weeks? Cuz it's kinda been both... you know how sometimes a couple of weeks can seem like forever?

So what's been going on with you these past couple of weeks/forever? Huh? Everything going okay? Well, while you ponder those questions (the comment section is right down.. there!), let me tell you about my week. Cuz I know you're curious (why else would you be here?).

A couple of weeks ago there was a big change in my life (no, not that. I'm talking about work). There was yet another reorganization in the ol' org chart, and somebody got a new boss (a lot of sombodies actually, but since it's my web site, we're just going to talk about me!). add life to your daysNow, I know, you thought I was the big toe (and so I am), but believe it or not, even the big toe has to report to somebody.   So, Dee, you ask, what changes for you now? Well, nothing. (that's right. nothing!) In the almost 7 years I've been at this job I've had about a dozen different bosses, and really all that changes is the signature on my timesheets and vacation requests.

Speaking of vacations... I really could use one. Did you know I have over 4 months worth of vacation and sick time saved up? Well I do! I'm thinking Bora Bora.

Anyway... this week my new daddy was on vacation and I was selected to be the "Acting" Kahuna. (yes, that would make me my own boss). Ohhhh... the power! So what's it like to be on top? Well let me tell you! It's awesome! First, there's the key to the executive washroom... (remind me to call maintenance, the toilet kinda runs)  and the executive parking spot...

((dee. dee wake up.... wake up!)) What? Huh? Oh I must have dozed off there...

So you know what actually comes with being the boss?  Going to more meetings.  (I know! I didn't think there could possibly be more meetings either)  But some meetings are better and a whole lot more productive than others. 

Lately there has been a lot of talk, and more than a few meetings, about moving my department into another building, putting us in with the 'regular crowd' if you will. Now, I'm all about socializing (ok, not really) and fitting in (stop laughing) and mostly I'm about doing what I'm told (ok. this is getting ridiculous now).  As much as I like that my group is in a remote, secure location, and I think that's where they need to be, I was prepared to move into a more visible area if that's what the bosses want.  they were meant toOne person on the team was saying that such a move would kill the morale in the department, and one wise guru guy (they're all pretty insightful) stated that it wouldn't matter where we were, it's the love of what we're doing and the relationship we have in the team that keeps us coming to work everyday.

And I started thinking (ha! didn't see that coming did you?!) about how often we (as people ya know, not we you and me) get too wrapped up in our surroundings and the "things" that are around us - big enough house?  fast enough car? (no such thing), close enough parking space? - and forget to pay attention to what really matters... and that is the people that we are with and why we are there in the first place.  The paths that we travel take us to a lot of places, literally and figuratively.  And take us through a lot of outstanding experiences (I know my path rocks!).  But it's not the places that we go that will make the memories awesome, make the daily grind worthwhile. It's the people who travel the path with us.

I don't really have a deal for Us in this post (breaking tradition, bucking the trend, being lazy), but I would like you to know how much I appreciate having you along with me on this path I am traveling (I suppose it would be the path we are traveling, wouldn't it?!)  And I will do my best to not get caught up in pride or ego (now, how could that ever happen) or to let my own self-doubt get in the way of Us. I will be brave, and I will remember that the best part of being here with you, is the 'with you' part. And I hope to make you glad that you are here with me. 


Oh!  And my department is staying right where we are.  For now.  🙂

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Since you DID ask... I'm completely covered with awesome sauce these days.

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