Almost Like a Song

March 31, 2010

Our ability to relate senses to emotions is simply fascinating; for example (and a temporary sidetrack of the original intent of this post), the smell of  band-aids takes me back to 8 years old and an after-school program I was in.  Seeing Mountain Dew in a glass bottle takes me back to my teens and sneaking out of my bedroom at night to commandeer a Dew from my Dad's supply in his office (sorry, dad; hope that's not news to you).  Dobermans remind me of the time I got my butt bitten by a friend's dog (that one probably should have been left out).  Moving on!

memoryHave you ever heard a song that instantly takes you over?  I mean you are driving down the road, just fine with the way the world is, thinking you are in control of you and a song comes on the radio that just wrecks you? Makes you laugh out loud at the ridiculous way you're suddenly feeling?  I think that is one of the most fantastic things in the world!  I believe it's one of the most powerful parts of our connection with each other.

I have been on a David Choi kick lately - don't know if you've noticed that... (oh, come on!)

In case you haven't read any part of my blog (and I'm pretty sure you have, ummmm you're here now...), I have been finding a Choi song for pretty much every emotion coursing through my fairly recently improved circulatory system.  It's quite disturbing.  🙂  Here's how my days have gone lately:

  • I play the CD (ok, mp3s on the ol' BBerry) on the way to the gym (and I do sing along in the car)
  • I play the album while I'm working out (and try not to sing along, but I have caught myself mouthing the words. nobody has cleared away yet, so I might be very stealthy)
  • The songs continue to play on the way to and from work (with the predictable singing along) and they play while I'm at work (no singing along at work; I'm the boss)
  • Then I get home and put the headphones on and listen some more. (no singing cuz nobody there wants to hear it anymore)
  • This weekend I am going to fill up some time by learning some of my favorites on the guitar. (and I can sing all I want cuz it's just me)

Official kudos to the very talented David Choi - I bought the album & highly recommend it.

I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now and I think have finally figured out why.  You may know I have posted before that music is what feelings sound like.  No?  Well it was a twitter thing, not a post, so I'll let that slide. (but you could follow me on twitter too!)  You may also know that I have been, in years past, very involved in music (although I don't know how you would know that).  Well apparently I am again.  I have a very strong music-emotion association and will in fact avoid music for extended periods of time or deeply submerge myself in it, depending on my circumstances.  That's a new revelation to me.

Before I continue with why I've been so obsessed lately, I would like to share with you some of the major musical influences in my life, just as an educational piece before the point of of the post (cuz you know there's will be one eventually); let's us go back in time and review, shall we?  (don't be scared, I've got you)

  • Go Away Little Girl by Donny Osmond - I used to sing it to the kindergarten girl on whom I had a crush... weird choice of song for someone I didn't want to go away. (I was five, give me a break!  And besides, she liked it.)
  • Don Williams (any song) - One of my very first jobs was handling race horses on Saturday mornings (I always remember it being cold, but I'm pretty sure I worked the summer too).  The boss was a Don Williams fan.  As am I.
  • Frosty the Snowman by some evil Christmas-song writer - I performed this on stage when I was very young, forgot the words after the first verse and ran off the stage.  Not a good memory, but a very strong association.
  • Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross - "our song" for my first "true love"
  • Don't Stop Believin' by Journey - Everybody in the world's favorite song and a very strong association with most excellent concerts and the 'tough times' of high school.  When anything was possible and being the age I am now was never going to happen.
  • Anything by AC/DC, Boston, Van Halen, and other big hair bands - I spent several good years on stage in full big hair mode myself.  I was a rock star.  What's not to like about that?
  • Boston (Third Stage) - The only album I had at my first military school after basic training.  I was top of my class and an American hero. Life was decent.  I don't even like the album that much.
  • Garth Brooks (the first album) - Driving across Texas (and driving, and driving) to get to an Army school after getting back from Japan. I was very happy then.  And very jealous of Garth.  I can sing/play most of that album still...
  • Black by Pearl Jam - A very emotional, tough and volatile time in my life punctuated by one event which included this song.
  • David Choi - And here we are!  Hope you enjoyed the "journey" as much as I did... (well, I thought it was punny).

I have some very fantastic happenings in my life right now and have discovered this music at about the same time.  I'm pretty sure I've spent the last few weeks cramming those songs and whatever this new distraction is into every tiny piece of me that I can, so when I look back or hear one of these songs, it can all come flooding back and completely take me over.

I like that.  And I'm very happy to have you along.

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